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Phase I Shovel Testing App

Field Technologies, Inc

Hi everyone.
I wanted to make known our Phase I shovel testing software, ArchaeoGen. We had a ton of interest at this year's SEAC and are scheduling pilot projects throughout the Southeast with contractors and agencies.
We built ArchaeoGen to boost return on investment for contractors while simultaneously making life easier for both field crew and report writers. It also includes strong work audit features to show to agencies who use contractors a lot.

For a contractor, some of the value of ArchaeoGen is:
-Field data available the night it is recorded
-Providing automatic GPS location on each STP
-Compiling all STP data into a searchable, sortable (& importable to GIS) spreadsheet
-Standardized data that can be mined for insights about employees, predictive models, etc.
-We can even host your data for you

-Ready "out of the box" with no training needed in the field or the office


For an agency that uses contractors, some of the value of ArchaeoGen is:

-Standardization of data between your contractors 

-Auditable work product also does not slow down your fieldwork

-Elimination of paper waste by contractors, furthering any green initiatives

-Data that can be mined to help decide the best use of scarce field resources

-We can even host your data for you

-Ready "out of the box" with no training needed in the field or the office

Feel free to check out our
website. A sample data set and an overlay in Google Maps of that same data can be found here and here. We recommend importing the data into whatever mapping programs you use when writing reports.


We are based in NC, and are happy to provide in person demos throughout the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. ArchaeoGen is available both as a software-as-a-service on your own tablets and also bundled with hardware rental for pilot projects or temporary needs.


Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your organization's needs and priorities, or to schedule a demo.


Chris Cameron

CFO, Director of Marketing for Southeast

Field Technologies, Inc


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