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MA graduate seeking opportunities in USA [Lithics, GIS]


Chris Coffey
Smithtown, NY
Work experience
    > Mallon Technology Ltd. (Oct 2013 - Nov 2014), GIS Technician
    This role involved data capture of spatial and attribute information
    according to established procedures. Interpretation of OSI High resolution
    orthophotography and pan sharpened satellite imagery from GeoEYE and
    WorldView 2 sensors to determine variations in land cover. Vector
    realignment. Prioritising work packages in line with the project
    schedule. Liaising with client team on query cases. 
    > Irish Stone Axe Project (Jun 2012 - Nov 2014), Research Assistant
    The goal of this long-standing project is the comprehensive recording of
    every known prehistoric stone axe on the island of Ireland. My work, as
    part of the wider research, involved macroscopic analysis of a substantial
    number of archaeological artefacts, handling and sorting of samples,
    creation and organisation of records and
    other documents, as well as
    maintaining an in-depth understanding of the project’s bespoke
    > UCD School of Archaeology Fieldschool (Aug 2013 - Aug 2013), Trench Assistant
    This role was part of the annual fieldschool for continuing archaeology
    undergraduates, and required assisting supervisors and directors with
    student training and organisation, compiling and organising records and
    registers, as well as completing context sheets and site drawings. 
    > UCD School of Archaeology "Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes of North Mayo" Project (May     2011 - Aug 2012), Voluntary Research Assistant
    As part of this project examining the tentative world heritage site of
    Ceide and Belderrig in North Mayo I assisted in the digital importation of
    field documents and drawings, as well as the digitisation of a significant
    amount of archaeological remains within ArcGIS.
    > London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (Jun 2011 - Jul 2011), Intern
    As an intern with the LAARC I undertook the complete reorganisation of both
    bulk finds and site paperwork for several large scale archaeological sites
    in the London area.
    > Master of Arts in Archaeology (Sept 2012 - Aug 2013), University College Dublin
    Activities and Societies: Trowel Vol. XIV - The UCD Archaeology Journal
    UCD Experimental Prehistoric Flintknapping Group
    Postgraduate GIS Training Group [Co-Founder], 
    BuildingMesolithic Project
    > Bachelor of Arts, Single Major Archaeology (Sept 2009 - May 2012), University College Dublin
    Activities and Societies: Archaeology Society [Committee Member - 10/11,
    Treasurer - 11/12],
    UCD Experimental Prehistoric Flintknapping Group
    [Co-Founder and coordinator]
    > Advanced Diploma in Web Development (2007 - 2008), Dublin Business School
    Strong knowledge of computers, IT, and web design
    Comprehensive working knowledge of graphic design software, including Adobe Photoshop and     GNU Image Manipulation Program, as well as the LaTeX document typesetting system
    Comfortable with both ArcGIS and Quantum 
    Strong background in research and artefact analysis
    Experience in 
fieldwork, excavation and field drawing
    References available upon request


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