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Interesting article on Federal hiring


Applying for a federal job? Management may already have someone in mind.

Ever felt like the federal government blew off one of your job applications, or that you couldn’t find many agency openings to fit your qualifications? There may be something to that.

Federal managers often predetermine who will fill vacancies or accept only inside applications, making the federal hiring process appear less fair and open than it should be, according to a recent government review.

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While it's nice to get this officially confirmed, it's not really news. We've all seen job announcements with such short open periods, and with such specific, narrowly defined qualifications that it's obvious that the announcement was written with someone specific in mind.

Post ID#20599 - replied 1/14/2015 11:32 AM


Like Archaeovagrant said, it's not really news, but I thought this was an interesting figure:

I wish they could break down their numbers by field of work; I wonder how much archaeology would differ. I'm somewhat new to the federal hiring process, and this definitely puts the relative importance of each application component in perspective, which, although not really surprising, is (obviously) a big deal.


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