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Osteologist - Oakland, CA

Jennifer Palmer

Requisition Number:    IE98805
Interest Category:    Environmental/Sciences
Interest Sub Category:    Archaeology
Job Title :    Osteologist
Employment Category/Status:    part-time
Type of Position:    Temporary
Country:    U.S.
State:    California
City:    Oakland
Minimum Requirements:    • Bachelor’s degree in Osteology, Physical Anthropology or closely related field with coursework and fieldwork in human osteology
• Minimum four years of relevant fieldwork experience
• Demonstrated proficiency with Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office applications
• Particular expertise in the identification of human remains versus faunal remains, often with only reference to small bone fragments, is particularly valuable
• Ability to efficiently perform research, writing and data analysis
• Ability to work in an environment with budget and scheduling requirements
• Ability to interact in an appropriate manner with Native American, agency, and client representatives
• Qualified applicants who are offered a position must pass a pre-employment substance abuse test
Job Description:    URS is actively seeking an Osteologist for employment for the Oakland, CA office. URS is proud to provide our employees with exciting, challenging projects. The candidate will be responsible for assisting URS' archaeology staff in the ID and recordation of human remains on project sites. The candidate will work typically with other archaeologists, but must also possess sufficient field experience to be able to conduct excavation of human burials with little or no oversight. URS is proud to provide our employees with exciting, challenging projects.
Incumbent responsibilities:
• Prepare human osteological documentation in the field through preparation of field forms, photography, and mapping
• Will work outside and have physical demands from excavation duties including working in difficult terrain and inclement weather conditions
• Coordinate the necessary field equipment and vehicles to complete field assignments 
• Identify human bones in field setting and at project sites
• Record and analyze human bones, using standard metrics for estimating age, sex, etc. and identification of common pathologies
• Prepare written results in a coherent narrative format with comparative analysis of previously documented collections
• Excavation and construction monitoring consistent with archaeological standards
The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, those listed above.

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