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Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) - California State Water Resources Control Board

Jennifer Palmer

Salary: $4,711.00 - $5,900.00
Posted: 01/15/2015
Job Description:
The Environmental Review Unit in the Division of Financial Assistance (Division) of the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is seeking an Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) to fill a full-time position. The incumbent will have primary responsibility for reviewing historical/cultural resources component of environmental documents developed by project proponents receiving federal or state funding, coordinating with State and Regional Water Boards project managers, and consulting with relevant state and federal agencies in this review process.
JOB DESCRIPTION/DUTIES: Under the general direction of a Senior Environmental Scientist, the incumbent will serves as the Division’s Cultural Resources Officer (CRO). The CRO is the Division’s liaison with the State Office of Historic Preservation (SHPO), the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO). The CRO provides professional guidance to applicants implementing wastewater treatment and water reclamation facilities, watershed protection, nonpoint source pollution control, and other local assistance projects to assure compliance with laws and regulations protecting historical, archaeological, paleontological, and traditional cultural resources. The CRO reviews all cultural resource reports and works with applicants to correct any deficiencies, helps applicants develop proper mitigation measures to minimize potential impacts to “historic properties,” coordinates as necessary with applicants, relevant state/federal agencies, Native American tribes/groups and other interested parties to develop and execute Memoranda of Agreement related to resolution of adverse effects to “historic properties” consistent with Section 106 and Division’s funding requirements, and works cooperatively with the SOHP, ACHP, and THPO to ensure compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and other pertinent state/federal laws and regulations. Other duties include: assist in reviewing environmental documents and scientific studies evaluating the effect of implementing local assistance projects to assure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, associated federal laws and regulations, and the Division’s environmental review process, participating in stakeholder meetings, preparing Agenda and Resolution language for various projects seeking funds from the State Water Board, developing cultural resources review summaries and consultations letters for projects, coordinating interagency review of environmental documents subject to cross-cutting federal regulations and initiating consultation with federal authorities, developing mitigation measures, performing field reviews, organizing and maintaining the Environmental Review Unit filing system, library and database, and completing other assignments as necessary.
DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Have an advanced degree in Cultural Resources Management, Anthropology with an emphasis in California Archeology, or a closely related field. Meet the professional qualifications standards consistent with “Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation” 48 FR 44738-9. Have a thorough and working knowledge of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. Ability to: communicate effectively (possess strong written and oral, and the ability to make effective presentations) to management, the State and Regional Water Boards, and the public, evaluate complex environmental documents and make recommendations according to various state and federal environmental laws and regulations (California Environmental Quality Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act etc.), work independently, as well as cooperatively and productively in a team atmosphere with colleagues having different disciplinary backgrounds, use Microsoft Office applications (Access, Excel, Project, Power Point, and Word), and organize and set priorities on assignments and meet deadlines.
WHO MAY APPLY: Applicants must be on the California Department of Transportation’s Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) job employment list or currently working as an Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) with the State of California. Applications will be screened and the most qualified applicants will be scheduled for interviews. Please indicate the basis of your eligibility (e.g., transfer, list, reinstatement) in the “Explanation” section of the State application form (STD 678). Please include RPA #14-550-090 on your completed State application. Appointment is subject to the provisions of the SROA process. SROA/Surplus/Reemployment candidates are encouraged to apply. Surplus employees must attach a copy of their surplus letter. 

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