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Archaeological Illustrator-Certified in GIS in Archaeology


Valerie Woelfel

Certified GIS in Archaeology-Archaeological Illustrator

1178 Thomas Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55104

651 955-7198


Highly motivated to grow professionally in archaeology, GIS  and cultural resource management.  Twenty-nine years of experience in the  field of archaeology as illustrator, graphic artist, excavator, supervisor and laboratory assistant. Particularly adept at visualizing archaeological data in a clear and concise manner through illustrations and maps. Recently awarded a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science in Archaeology with a 3.9 grade point average.

  • ·         Ability to work independently and cooperate with a team to meet project goals and deadlines.
  • ·         Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • ·         Educated in the creation and manipulation of spatial data while maintaining superior data quality.
  • ·         Coursework  included classes in cartography, remote sensing, and Python scripting. Also used ERDAS Imagine and ModelBuilder.
  • ·         Successfully involved in the navigation of sensitive multicultural interaction and understanding the needs of clients and government officials.
  • ·         Available to travel.

Computer Skills.

  • ·         Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • ·         Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.
  • ·         ESRI: ArcMap 10.2, ArcScene 10.2

 Education and Training

  • ·         Continuing GIS education with over 100 hours of ESRI online courses.
  • ·         University of West Florida. Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information in Science.
  • ·         University of Minnesota. Graduate work. Ancient Studies.
  • ·         University of London. Archaeological illustration courses and field school
  • ·         Augsburg College. Bachelor of Arts. Studio Art, Anthropology.

Volunteer Activities

  • ·         National History Day judge.  Evaluate contest entries based quality of research, analysis and ability to clearly articulate the result in print, posters or websites.
  • ·         Minnesota Historical Society. Work independently to conduct historical research using digital, archive and library resources as part of a project to build a database of early Minnesota photographers.


  • ·         Digital Archaeological Illustration for Ceramics.  eBook, 2014.

Publications Containing Illustrations – Partial List

  • ·          “Idalion III,” P.  Gaber, Lycoming College.  In publication 2015.
  • ·          “A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Church of the Holy Sepulche,” E. Cavins, University of Minnesota, 2011.
  • ·         “The Subjectivity of Fear as Reflected in Ancient Greek Wording,” G. Nagy, Dialogues 5, 2010.
  • ·         “An Apobatic Moment for Achilles as Athlete at the Festival of the Panathena,.” G. Nagy, Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard, 2005.
  • ·          “Landscape Organization in Magna Graecia,” Doctoral dissertation. A. Prieto, University of Texas at Austin, 2005.
  • ·         “Society and Settlement in Iron Age Europe.” J. Collis, University of Shefield, 2001.

Professional Experience.

  • ·         Currently creating GIS database and digitizing legacy data for the Lycoming College archaeological project in Cyprus. Using georeferenced, scanned site plans and heads up digitizing to create maps in ESRI ArcMap.

  • ·         Freelance archaeological illustrator. Recent clients include: Far Western Archaeological Research Group, Nevada. Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington D.C. Emily Cavins, University of Minnesota.

  • ·         Idalion. Cyprus. Summer season’s 1997-2014. Bronze Age through Medieval.
  •     GIS, Illustrator, excavator, ceramics reconstruction, assistant to director.

  • ·         Mendes. Egypt. Summer season 2013. Naqada II  through Classical
  • Illustrator, ceramic reconstruction.

  • ·         Chersonesos.  Ukraine. Summer seasons 2004, 2006, 2007. Greek through Byzantine.
  • Illustrator.

  • ·         Metaponto. Italy. 2004 season.  Greek.
  •     Illustrator.

  • ·         Cuma. Italy. 1999-2001 seasons. Roman.
  •     Illustrator, excavator, trained and supervised volunteers.

  • ·         Cadir Huyuk. Turkey. 2000 season. Chalcolithic through Byzantine.
  •     Illustrator, excavator, ceramic reconstruction,  supervised Turkish workmen and students.

  • ·         Rhantidhi. Cyprus. 1997, 1998 seasons. Archaic through Hellenistic.
  •     Illustrator, excavator, trench supervisor, ceramic reconstruction.

  • ·         Sarakeno. Greece. 1996 season. Neolithic through Bronze Age.
  •     Illustrator, excavator.

  • ·         Pompeii. Italy. 1992-1996 seasons. Roman.
  •     Illustrator recording wall paintings.

  • ·         Theologos. Greece. 1991-1993 seasons. Hellenistic through Byzantine.
  •     Illustrator, excavator.

  • ·         Kelheim. Germany. 1987, 1990, 1991 seasons. Iron Age.
  •     Illustrator, excavator.

  • ·         Aulnat. France. 1988, 1989 seasons. Iron Age through Roman.
  •     Illustrator, excavator.

  • ·         Sussex-various sites.  England. 1986-1988 seasons. Iron Age through Medieval.
  •     Excavator.


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