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Adams State Univeristy Online MA in CRM


Hello All!!

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience or has any thoughts on the online MA from Adams State University out of Colorado?  I am considering applying because I need something that is logistically flexible. 

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Jennifer Palmer

Do you have a link to an information page? I looked on their website and only found one graduate program listed.

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Here ya go,

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I have done a semester so far and am loving it!...

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Do you feel like the courses and faculty are preparing you for a future in CRM?  Are the Professors  accessible?

Post ID#20607 - replied 2/2/2015 5:42 PM


I do, but a person definitely has to put in the work. I think that a student could get lost in the scramble and the lack of actual face time with the profs.  I take steps to make sure that doesn't happen.  


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