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University of Washington field school in Mallorca, Spain


The Landscape, Encounters, and Identity Archaeology Project ( based at the University of Washington will conduct a field school in Mallorca, Spain from July 23-August 21, 2015. This is the second year of the field school and this year we welcome applications from non-UW students.
In this program, students will join a team of American and Spanish archaeologists in order to learn various techniques of archaeological fieldwork (excavation and surveying) and laboratory analysis.  Students will live in the town of Son Servera on the island of Mallorca and participate in fieldwork for four weeks. Several weeks will be dedicated to learning the ins and outs of archaeological excavation including stratigraphy, profile plan drawing, field photography, total station mapping, and recording. Remaining weeks will be dedicated to learning the techniques of archaeological survey (i.e., systematically walking through the countryside while collecting and recording traces of past human behavior using GPS equipment). Throughout the four weeks, students will learn basic procedures for cleaning, processing, labeling, and recording artifacts that they collected in the field.
Estimated Program Fee of $3,500 includes academic credit, meals, housing, and some museum entrance fees. The fee does not include the UW Study Abroad Fee ($300), airfare ($1600-1800), UW Study Abroad Insurance ($62/month), or visa fees (for some non-U.S. citizens). Non-UW students will incur a further $200 fee.
Interested students should visit the LEIA Project webpage as well as the UW Study Abroad listing. Send any questions to
Apply via the UW Study Abroad listing. Application deadline is currently set for February 6, subject to change.


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