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MA Graduate. Seeking Full-time CRM Position. Willing to Relocate/Travel within USA or Abroad.


Lisa Nesselbeck

Address: 6034 Campbell Blvd. Lockport NY 14094 
Home: (716) 625 9460
Cell: (716) 940 0091


    Graduate: 2012-2014

    MA in Anthropology(Archaeology)

    University at Buffalo, Degree Conferral Date: 6/1/14

    GPA: 3.778

    Undergraduate: 2008-2012

    Double Major, BA in Anthropology (Archaeology) & Classics (Ancient History)

    University at Buffalo, Degree Conferral Date: 8/1/12

    GPA: 3.683 (magna cum laude)

Field Experience

2011– Present (Part Time, 8-10 hours per week during dig seasons)

    UB Archaeological Survey Institute. Excavated various projects including prehistoric and historic sites. Field technician. Participated in Phase I, II, and III projects.

    Dr. Doug Perrelli, Director, (716) 645-2297,

August 2014 (40-50 hours per week)

    Farnese, Archaeology Dig, Rofalco, Italy. Part of a 35 person multi cultural team. Excavate a late 4th century - early 3rd century BC Etruscan settlement. Processed artifacts that were excavated including washing and reconstructing broken pottery. Dr. Orlando Cerasuolo, Director, (716) 645-0414,

June – July 2013, June – July 2012, May – June 2011 (40-50 hours per week)

    Assistant Director in 2013, Prehistoric Tumulus, Gotzenbuhle, Hassloch, Germany. Supervisor in charge of 20 students, taught proper archaeological methods and techniques, filling out paperwork, cataloging finds, washing pottery, total station, GIS, planum (floor) and profile (wall) drawings. Interdisciplinary work with geologists, georeferencing ground penetrating radar data on the site maps. Dr. Philip Kiernan, (716) 645-0454,

July – August 2012, July – August 2011(40-50 hours per week)

    Assistant Director in 2012 at Sinking Ponds site, East Aurora Archaeological Field School, New York, USA. Taught lab class, including recognition of lithics and stone tools, to 5-7 students. In addition, taught archaeological methods and proper fieldwork to 15-20 students including paperwork, excavation techniques and communication with the public. Ammie Mitchell, Supervisor,

2011 – 2014 (Various summer weekends, 4 hours per week)

    McKendry Volunteer Dig, Irving, New York, USA. Part of a 2-5 person team which excavated and oversaw archaeological work at a Native American site on private land. Various summer weekends. Elizabeth Horner, Director, (585) 813-3658,

June – July 2010 (30 hours per week)

    Pauleni Ciuc, also known as Soimeni Cistortan, Harghita County, Romania. First experience learning proper excavation methods.

Job Experience

October 2014 – January 2015 (32 hours per week)

    Tim Horton's Cafe and Bake Shop (Kelton Enterprises, LLC), Wendy Seefeldt, Manager, (716) 625 7939.

January – April 2012 (15 hours per week)

    Internship at the Buffalo Historical Society: Learned how to organize a museum based on ease of movement, open storage and conservation of space. Learned how to photograph artifacts for publication, use photoshop, catalogue and research artifacts. In addition I learned how to use Past Perfect. Walt Mayer, Director of Museum Collections, (716) 873-9695-ext. 302,

August 2010 – October 2014 (20 hours per week)

    Moe’s Southwest Grill, Mary Jo Butler, Manager, (716) 645-3053, (716) 645-2521,


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