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Archaeological Summer School Transylvania 2015 - Bronze Age Tell Settlement


The Archaeological Summer School is a project developed in collaboration with different Romanian institutions (Institute of Archaeology and History of Art of the Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca and Cris County Museum - Oradea).

The project aims to promote and protect the archaeological heritage of Transylvania (and beyond), through the involvement of volunteers in archaeological activities. At the same time, this is a great chance for us to share the experience of an archaeological adventure with other archaeology enthusiasts.

Place and duration: The project runs throughout the summer (July-August) and it’s being carried out in a Bronze Age Tell settlement within Transylvania. The Bronze Age tells occupy the highest position in the settlement system of the Carpathian Basin and can be compared to contemporary sites from the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. Their development covers a period of approximately 1000 years, between circa 2500 and 1500 B.C. The tells differ visibly from the rest of contemporary settlements from the Carpathian Basin both in terms of architectural building patterns and thickness of the occupation debris resulted from long-term habitation in the same area. The central role played by the tell-settlements in the region is also proven by their fortification systems, the presence of defensive structures indicating the fact that a certain political authority with control over a well-defined territory.

What one can learn: Obviously, the learning level depends a lot on everyone’s involvement in these activities. At the end of the program we hope that each participant (volunteer or student) will hold the basics of archaeological research (the theories and techniques used by archaeologists in excavating a site), will understand and be able apply the methods of documentation (photography, drawing, etc.), will have the ability to operate the tools and equipment provided. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a small fraction of Transylvanian culture, by directly interacting with the history, geography, architecture and traditions of the area. Also, by working in a large group, participants will gain team work experience and have a great chance to socialize and make new friends.

• Project languages: English, Română and Deutsch

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in Oradea, in a student hostel. Each room is equipped with three beds and a bathroom. Internet connection and cooking facilities are available. Three meals per day are provided, plus additional snacks and occasional beverages.

Cost: 200 Euros/week (Including accommodation, meals, local transportation and guidance)


Elena Cristina Cordoș                                                 

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