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Building Documentation Internship - President Lincoln's Cottage

Jennifer Palmer

Building Documentation Internship, President Lincoln’s Cottage
Posted February 11, 2015
Position Details
Type    Internship
Offered By    National Trust for Historic Preservation 
President Lincoln's Cottage 
Washington , District of Columbia
Salary    $1000/monthly
Over the past year, as part of its North Elevation and Building Envelope Project (NEP), President Lincoln’s Cottage (PLC) engaged the services of numerous craftspeople including a conservator, stucco specialist, plasterer, brick mason, preservation carpenter and coppersmith. As the project nears completion the last important step is to document the existing conditions through measured drawings and digital renderings.  Though the NEP focused on the entire north elevation and building envelope, the proposed summer internship will focus on documenting a small part of the north elevation; the interior walls of the vestibule. 
In 2007 the remnants of a decorative painting scheme mean to look like walnut and oak paneling were uncovered on the interior vestibule walls.  Unfortunately years of moisture intrusion had significantly damaged the plaster and paint on the walls.  In the ensuing years, culminating with the recent NEP, numerous actions were taken to control the moisture, stabilize the damaged plaster and analyze the decorative painting.
This is a volunteer internship offering a $1,000 stipend to help offset expenses.  Schedule is flexible but requires approximately 18 hours/week for 8 weeks from June 1 through July 31.
PLC seeks two, part-time, summer interns to document existing conditions on the vestibule walls and provide measured drawings/digital renderings that show how the space may have looked during Lincoln’s time.

Learn about the day-to-day preservation management of an historic site
Learn how moisture effects different types of building materials
Learn about the steps taken to control moisture at PLC.  Moisture Control 101!
Learn about paint exposures, analysis and plaster consolidation
Learn the role of individual trades, how the trades worked together in the project and how the project was structured
Practice documentation skills and provide PLC with a set of drawings/digital renderings that document existing conditions and show how the space may have looked during Lincoln’s time
Hang out at a really cool historic site and have fun!
3rd year or graduating Historic Preservation student, at the undergraduate level, with an interest in historic building material analysis, conservation and documentation. The candidate must have experience producing measured drawings and digital renderings of a space. The project will occasionally require candidates to access areas inside the building which are cramped, poorly lit and dirty. (but completely safe)

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