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NPS-Archaeologist Intern/AmeriCorps - Santa Fe, NM

Jennifer Palmer

NPS-Archaeologist Intern/AmeriCorps-Santa Fe, NM
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Job Description
National Park Service – Archaeologist Intern
Term of positions is 48 weeks; full-time commitment 5-days per week.
Santa Fe, NM
Living Allowance
$465 week, health insurance provided if desired
AmeriCorps Award
Community Assistance Fellows are eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program.  Value of education award is $5,645 (pre-tax).
Educational Status
Holds or is currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program in Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, or in a related field; Master’s Degree program; maximum age is 25.
Start Date
March 31, 2015
Specific training
Hands-on mentored work experience; individual training available to meet specific interests and needs.
Application Due Date
Preference will be given to applications received on or before Feb. 28
National Park Service – Community Assistance Fellows
Program Basics
In addition to protecting and managing America’s 401 national parks, the National Park Service (NPS) also operates programs that extend throughout the nation to connect all Americans to their natural and cultural heritage. The National Park Service (NPS) Intermountain Region-Heritage Partnerships Program (HPP) assists citizens, state and federal agencies and communities in their desire to identify, interpret and preserve these nationally important cultural sites.  In order to meet its historic preservation mission goals, HPP offers a range of cultural preservation services, which are provided by its staff in the disciplines of history, cultural landscapes, historic architecture, and archeology. 
The Archaeologist Intern will assist the NPS-HPP staff archeologist in a variety of archeological projects, including the archeological recordation of portions of the historic Camino Real near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The Camino Real (“the King’s Highway”) was in use between 1598-1900 A.D.  This transportation and communication corridor was the essential lifeline for Spanish settlers of New Mexico up until New Mexico became a United States territory in 1846. However, the Camino Real continued as a transportation/communication route until it was largely abandoned and replaced by other routes around circa 1900.  Information obtained from this survey will be used for interpretive purposes to the public by federal and state land management agencies (U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and New Mexico State Land Office).
The Steward/intern will also assist in the preparation of National Historic Landmark nominations that are in draft; assist in the assessment of present conditions of existing NHLs in New Mexico and Arizona; and assist the staff archeologist in the preparation of archeology reports.
The Archeologist Intern will learn the basics of NPS cultural resource management and historic preservation policies and receive training in various types of remote sensing, including the value and capabilities of metal detectors on historic sites. The intern will also become familiar with various technical approaches that are typically used today by professional archeologists.   With this on-the-job training, the archeologist intern will master essential skills needed if he/she chooses to pursue a career in historic preservation and cultural resource management (CRM).  The NPS-HPP archeologist intern, therefore, will be offered the opportunity to make major contributions to our cultural heritage.
Additionally, the Archaeologist Intern will receive an AmeriCorps educational stipend at the end of their term. AmeriCorps is a national service organization, connecting thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to serve their communities.
Qualifications and benefits
-- Must be a US Citizen, National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien of the United States
-- Preference will be given to qualified, local (currently living in the city they are applying) candidates.
-- Maximum age is 25.
-- Specific skills and abilities sought include: 
Strong oral and written communications skills
Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite
Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively as part of a larger team
Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
Possession of a current valid driver’s license 
Considerable physical activity may be required at some sites
Negotiating and handling stressful situations in a diplomatic and non-adversarial manner
The Archaeological Intern will be required to submit quarterly reports and a final report during their year of service.
Job Location
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Position Type

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