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Received my MA, having trouble moving forward.


Good Afternoon,

Last year I received a master's degree from an interdisciplinary (Archaeology and Philology) program from the University of Oslo, but I'm having a slow time actually finding fieldwork, or any work, really.  I believe it is in part because I require accreditation for my degree, but I don't know anyone with this experience.  What are my best options for moving forward with my archaeological career?  I currently reside in Colorado and am not keen on relocating.  

Thanks in advance. 

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I'm not actually sure what you mean by accreditation, however if you are referring to the fact that you have an overseas degree that might not be recognized as valid by American employers - especially the government (or if you are applying to further grad school, universities), there is a company, World Education Services (WES) that is recommended to perform verification of international education. They make sure that your degree comes from a real university, not a diploma mill, and will also convert international grading systems into the US system, so that potential employers/universities can understand your grades.

When I was applying to grad schools here, and federal jobs, they were recommended to me by Johns Hopkins as the best and most utilized service to perform this validation. There are others out there, but WES is the one accepted by the Feds and Universities - I honestly thought it might be a scam (this additional accreditation) until Johns Hopkins and the federal hiring officials told me about it.

Now there is also an issue of experience; even if you have a MA - if you have little experience in the field, you might still have trouble finding a job.

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Thanks for the reply.  I have some field time under my belt and some potential upcoming, but it has been a slow winter.  

The degree accreditation above is one of the things I was wondering about.  I had found a number of sites but was unsure which one I could really trust, so I appreciate the information.  That will at least give me some direction so I can make some forward movement with everything.  

Thanks again!

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No problem!  Good luck!!


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