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Physical Anthropologist


Brockington and Associates is seeking a physical anthropologist for temporary full-time employment to work on the Everglades Restoration Transition Plan Archaeological Testing Project (ERTP-ATP). The physical anthropologist candidate should meet Department of the Interior 36 CFR Part 61 requirements, including a graduate degree in physical anthropology or bioarchaeology, with a minimum of one year of full-time professional experience or equivalent in anthropological research, administration, or management, at least four months of supervised field and analytic experience and a demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

During ERTP-ATP fieldwork in 2015, the candidate will be called upon to identify and confirm the presence of human remains and determine basic morphology should any remains be encountered in the field. Additionally, the candidate will be required to assist the archaeological crew in all fieldwork. These tasks include the transportation of all equipment to and from each site, the excavation of shovel tests, test units, and features, and soil matrix screening. The physical anthropologist should provide their own equipment and/or reference material necessary for the adequate identification of human remains.

Working in the Everglades is physically demanding. Be prepared to work in extremely hot, buggy and wet conditions. All personal protective equipment will be provided by Brockington. Candidate will need to provide own transportation to the ERTP-ATP work area. Lodging and meal per diem as well as local transportation will be provided by Brockington.

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