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Starting a CRM Firm; Advice and Discussion


Just over a week ago I lost my job that I was working at for well over two years. With my experience and knowledge, I am considering going into business for myself. I have many of the contacts for companies to get off the ground but was wondering if anyone has any insight into starting ones own company. I only plan on doing small jobs and have professional friends assists when needed. I know I need to get my company licensed, both locally and federally, and I'm assuming that I will have to obtain liability insurance but unsure about the amount. Since I am going to be the sole employee I know I won't need to carry Workman's Comp insurance.

Any advice concerning the start up effort and cost would be appreciated!

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The first thing you should do is visit the ACRA site and think about joining. They have lots of resources designed to help you with starting a firm, and to answer your questions. All of this has in the past, been located in the members section (under business materials, etc).

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Chris Webster wrote some blog posts about starting a CRM company in Nevada on his blog-

That would be a good place to start even if there are some NV specific things.

Depending on what state you are in you will probably want to be registered as an LLC- protects you personally ( within reason) from liability were being self-employed or a single person partnership can mean you are liable for everything.

Of course each state has its own rules so that is just generic advice but worth checking out. 

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Remember your field techs and crew chiefs.  Pay them a living wage. Try your hardest to remember how hard it is to make archaeology a career and do something about it.  You don't have to change the industry, just try to make it a little better for whoever is working for you at the time.  Good luck.

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