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IFR: Bulgaria - The Apollonia Pontica Field School


Ancient Apollonia Pontica (present-day Sozopol, Bulgria) is one of the earliest towns on the Western Black Sea coast. The city, founded by Miletian colonists at the end of 7th century BC, was named Apollonia Pontica in honour of the patron deity of Miletus - Apollo. In 2005 the island was demilitarized and in 2009 the Apollonia Pontica Excavation Team lead by Dr. Krastina Panayotova restarted the excavations. For the 2015 season, the team will address important questions concerning the sacral continuity of the site.  We will explore the evolution of the island from its early settlement to later temenos and Christian religious centers. We will focus on trying to chronicle – using stratigraphic, seriation and classification methods – the evolution of cult and deities that were worshipped there.  We plan to trace monumental wall foundations discovered in 2014, as well as to search for remains of a propylaeum that most probably was situated in the currently excavated area.

Room and Board Arrangements

Accommodation is either at Dom Mladenovi guest house or at VMK Military Club, both of which have comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, air-conditioning, refrigerators, TV and Internet. The hotels are located close to the town beaches, the Old Town Quarter, the Archaeological Museum and within 15 min walking distance from the archaeological site. Wi-Fi is available on the first floor of the hotel.

MEALS: Three meals per day are covered by tuition. All meals except the lunch during the excursions take place in a local tavern. This field school can accommodate vegetarians, vegans and individuals with lactose-intolerance. Kosher and gluten-free restrictions are impossible to accommodate in this location.

Tuition includes credit units, and room and board. For more information, visit our website at

Connecticut College, our partner, offers 8 semester units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) to enrolled students.

Tuition: $4,700


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