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Pushing the Envelope: A Different Look at Cultural Resource Mitigation


Presentation by Michael Oberndorf, M.A., RPA, at the BLM Industry Conference in Rawlins, WY, last week. The video is not all that great (shot with a cell phone), but the sound is good.

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I have been away waaayyy to long - glad a facebook post sent me back to AFW - 

  Triedto watch the video - but the speaker was not exactly dynamic.   But the ideas he mentions are all ones that some of us have been using and advocating for -  for years.  See my chapter (9) in Archaeology & Cultural Resource Management: Visions for the Future for some discussion about what we need to be doing - not just in getting info out - but in making sure that our work is seen as important and accessible by the general public

Thanks for sharing and hopefully gettting some new folks to think in different ways.


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