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CWU Field School in CRM Archaeology 2015


CWU Field School in CRM Archaeology

 Learn about cultural resource management (CRM) and archaeological fieldwork by participating in CRM projects in central Washington state.  The focus will be on pedestrian survey (cultural resource inventory).

 This is the most common task for entry-level archaeology jobs.

 Our fieldwork will be in collaboration with government agencies that manage public land in Washington, particularly the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Colockum Wildlife Area.  Students will get training in the classroom and hands-on experience in the field.  Other than survey, specific topics might include archaeological curation, archaeology jobs, botany on site, chipped stone tools, cultural resource management, geoarchaeology, geophysical remote sensing, orienteering, Pacific Northwest archaeology, Pacific Northwest geology, shovel probing, and zooarchaeology.  Students will get practice working with Brunton and Silva Ranger compass,  GPS unit, shaker screen, shovel, site form, subsurface probe, and trowel.

 Additional information about application, what to expect, etc. can be found on our project web page e

 The 2015 Field School is open to anyone eligible for college credits (college student or not), and may be audited by those not wanting college credit.  The full field school is six weeks, but enrollment for only the first three weeks is also possible.

 Dates: June 15-July 24 or June 15-July 2, 2015

Work week: M-F ~7AM- 3:30 PM

Academic Credits: 12 for full 6 weeks (quarter system, = 8 cr semester system)

Tuition: ~$3720 for full 6 weeks (partial enrollment also possible)

Housing: see our webpage

Transportation: provided from campus daily

Contact: Dr. Patrick Lubinski, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA



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