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Sr. Archaeological Technician - Barrow, AK

Jennifer Palmer

Sr. Archaeological Technician
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Job Description
UIC Science LLC is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska and supports its parent company, Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation’s (UIC), mission is to provide social and economic resources to its Iñupiat shareholders and their descendants through the development of long-term, meaningful career opportunities.  UMIAQ identifies potentially impacted resources, communities, organizations, and individuals to help define project issues and constraints associated with future development projects and their potential impacts to natural, environmental, and human resources.
UIC Science LLC is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and the environments in which we conduct business.  We recruit qualified people looking to join a workforce characterized by strong leadership, competent and hard-working staff, and a superior work environment with a focus on career development, great wages and benefits.
Under the direction of the Senior Scientist or Seasonal Archaeologist, the Sr. Archaeological Technician is responsible for performing field and laboratory duties for specific Cultural Resources Management projects through UIC Science LLC.
Essential Functions:
Carries out archaeological testing, excavation and monitoring under the supervision of an archaeologist.
Excavates using trowels, shovels and other hand tools as appropriate. Recognizes artifacts, features and stratigraphy.
Recovers artifacts and faunal materials as excavated.
Records provenience information for artifacts and faunal material, using both infrared theodolite and laptop recording system or measuring tape and notebook or forms.
Stabilizes and prepares artifacts and faunal material for shipment to laboratory under direction of archaeologist.
Keeps site notes under direction of archaeologist.
Assists archaeologist in preparing plans and profiles.
Cleans artifacts and faunal material in lab.
Performs basic stabilization in laboratory under direction of archaeologist. Assists archaeologist in identifying and cataloging artifacts and faunal material.
Performs data entry.
Assists archaeologist in preparing report on excavation.
Participates in interviews with Elders and other knowledgeable people under direction of archaeologist.
Interacts with members of public who come to observe archaeology in the field or laboratory.
May lead site tours.
Keeps track of purchases made in field or for the laboratory, including keeping copies of receipts and/or invoices for submission for payment.
Participates in logistic preparations for field projects, including packing, arranging travel, shipping, lodging, etc.
Must use trowel, shovel, bucket, dustpan, brush, measuring tapes and computer.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills
Essential Knowledge, Skills/Expertise:
Ability to interact with fellow workers, Elders and members of the general public.
Ability to follow directions.
Ability to recognize artifacts, features and simple stratigraphy.
Suitable coursework or extensive lab laboratory experience may be substituted for some of the fieldwork.
Working knowledge of the techniques involved in the labeling, Identification and classification of artifacts.
Knowledge of records management standards and techniques.
Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form.
Ability to maintain accurate records, maps and catalogues.
Ability to do careful detailed work.
Required Experience
Required Experience:
Minimum of 4 months experience in archaeological excavation under qualified supervisor, preferably on the North Slope.    
Experience with computers for word processing and databases.
Experience in archaeological laboratory, including basic stabilization procedures.
Preferred Experience:
Experience in use of infrared theodolite record system.
Experience drawing plans and profiles and keeping field notes.  
Experience in working with Elders.
Physical Demands:
Heavy items (e.g. packs up to 50 pounds) must be lifted and carried on a routine basis.
Ability to do delicate excavation work from awkward positions for prolonged periods.
The ability to coordinate two or more limbs (for example, two arms, two legs, or one leg and one arm) while sitting, standing, or lying down.
Ability and willingness to work outside under varying and adverse weather conditions.
Fieldwork may be strenuous involving long hikes over rough terrain, prolonged standing, and bending.
Walking on slippery, uneven surfaces.
Working long irregular hours.
Remote work sites.
Environmental Conditions:
May be exposed to heat, cold, noise, fumes, and airborne particles.
Working indoors and outdoors.
Working in close proximity to others.
Working with shovels or other hand tools.

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