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Agrij Valley Survey (Transylvania) - summer 2015


The Agrij Valley Survey (AVS) is a collaboration between scholars of the Salaj County Museum of History and Art and the NGO, Transylvania Alive. The AVS is aimed at documenting archaeological sites within an area of ca. 325 km2 in Salaj County, Romania, and investigating some of the key sites by means of geophysical techniques and/or archaeological excavation. The Romanian and American team of scholars is interested in elucidating how the Agrij Valley was exploited and settled between the Mesolithic era (6th mill. BC) and the period of România Mare (1918-1940).

In summer 2015, the AVS will excavate an area of the Magura Moigradului, where traces of a 2nd century AD Roman timber fortress have been identified overlying Dacian features. The excavations and Field School are led by Dr. Horea Pop and Dr. Daniel Deac of the Salaj County Museum and Prof. Eric De Sena of Transylvania Alive. Adjacent to the Roman city of Porolissum, the Magura Moigradului was occupied by pre-Dacian and Dacian populations beginning ca. 3000 BC. Dr. Pop and colleagues have excavated many settlement, ritual and funerary features on the Magura, including dwellings, bronze hoards, and burials. This site also hosts a medieval phase (12th-15th century).

AVS Field School students will learn all essential on-site techniques, including excavation, drawing, use of a total station, and artifact/ecofact recovery and processing. Students will also be introduced to field survey techniques and will observe experts in geophysical surveying. Students should arrive in Cluj-Napoca on Thursday, June 25 and will return to Cluj-Napoca on August 2. The 5-week excavation season is enhanced by a series of field trips in Transylvania and Maramures. Students will be housed in a hotel in the city of Zalau, 11 km from Moigrad/Porolissum. The cost of the Field School is $1650 (USD), which includes lodging, most meals, all project-related ground transportation, and instruction.

Students should contact Dr. Eric De Sena ( for more information.


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