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Archaeological Technician/Chainsaw operator


Upcoming project in the Bandelier Wilderness at Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, New Mexico. The project is to do some archaeological site documentation and treatments at sites that were affected by the 2011 Las Conchas Fire.

One of the project requirements is to put slash over portions of sites to mitigate post-fire erosion. We have permission to use chainsaws but we are required to have a sawyer certified on chainsaw.

Project details:

Approximately 20 days of work, divided into two 5 day sessions and one 10 day session.
fieldwork in Late May and early June
We will backpack in to one work site, and campground camp for another work site. 10 days total at each. Crew members will provide their own camping equipment
The hike to the backcountry site is about 5 miles, but includes a steep canyon.
Helicopter support for water, fuel, chainsaw, and other heavy equipment.
Sawyer would need to provide own chainsaw, chaps, other specific protective equipment, though we can provide hard hats, safety glasses, and ear plugs.
Must be federally certified (such as S-212 or Forest Service certification) for chainsaw use
We can pay approx. $14 an hour plus $85 per diem
Anthropology or related degree OR 1 year of archaeological or related experience

If necessary we can probably come up with some scheduling solutions that cut down the field time to two 5 day sessions with an experienced sawyer.

Please send resumes or questions to

Many thanks,

Erin Hegberg
Office of Contract Archeology


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