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Bioarchaeology Student & RN seeking paid internship as Lab Assistant



Curriculum Vitae


B.A. Degree      Liberal Arts

                          San Diego State University 1978

B.S. Degree      Nursing

                          San Diego State University 1992

A.S. Degree      Anthropology

                          San Diego City College 2010

               Dean’s List 2010 & 1988

Awarded the San Diego Community College Certificate of Performance in Archaeology 2012:  Artifact Analysis, Physical & Cultural Anthropology, Archaeological Field Study, Archaeological Surveying, California Indian Studies, North American Indian Studies, Latin American Indian Studies.



LONG TERM OBJECTIVE:  M.A. in Anthropology with emphasis in Paleopathology & Bioarchaeology.


Currently assisting Dr. Heinze Hoenecke, Jr., Scripps Hospital Orthopaedic Surgeon and Physician for Major League Baseball Team San Diego Padres on the evolution of throwing from primates, prehistoric man, and present.


“Bioarchaeology:  Modern Cancer’s Lethal Link to the Past”


Guest Speaker: San Diego City College, Fall 2014, Physical Anthropology 102 Theory (Professor Jose Aguilar, M.A.) to undergraduate students & to UCSD Psychology Trainees, Psychiatry and Psychosocial Services, Patient and Family Support Services. 



Flint Knapping Workshop:  San Diego Archaeological Center Flint Knapping Course 2011, taught by Tim Gross, Ph.D., University of San Diego, California.


Archaeological Illustration: San Diego Archaeological Center Summer & Fall 2014 class on lithic and bone illustration, taught by Donna Walker, San Diego Archaeological Center Illustrator.



Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Archaeological Surveying, Palomar College, San Marcos, California (January-May 2012).  Professor Phil DeBarros, Ph.D.  Surveying and illustration of archaeological bedrock milling features for CA-SDI-10972C, PC-49, and PC-37 on DPR 523 forms.


Archaeological flotation of CA-SBR-1615. Professor Phil DeBarros, Ph.D., Palomar College, San Marcos, California.  Independent Studies Student. 


Rancho Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, San Diego, California (January-May 2012). Professor Jose Aguilar, M.A., CA-SDI-8125 (Independent Studies Student & Assistant).


Rancho Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, San Diego, California (January-May 2011).  Professor Steven Bouscaren, Ph.D., CA-SDI-8125.



September 2014 – Present: Under the supervision of Tori Randall, Ph.D., Director of San Diego Museum of Man, Physical Anthropology Department and Professor, San Diego City College, Physical Anthropology, analyzing human skeletal remains for paleopathological abnormalities (experience in Orthopaedic Medicine & Nursing).


November 2011 – Present:  San Diego Natural History Museum, Birds & Mammals Department Volunteer.  Under the direction of Aharon Sasson, Ph.D. & Susan Arter, M.A., assisted with classification and measurement of faunal bones collected at San Diego Presidio site for the Society of California Archaeology 2012 Convention in San Diego, California. 

Assisted with classification of Susan Arter’s personal faunal comparative collection.  

Assisted Zooarchaeology Department staff with display of faunal bones for educational presentations to museum patrons.



Under the supervision and tutelage of Tori Randall, Ph.D., Curator, Physical Anthropology Department, San Diego Museum of Man, studying osteopathology, identification of bone abnormalities to include cancer and infectious diseases, written assessment of pathological abnormalities, measurements of human skeletal remains (September 2014).


Society of California Archaeology, California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program Certificate 2013.  Cleveland National Forest, San Diego County. 


San Diego Archaeological Center. Collections Department Intern April 2011- August 2012 and Volunteer September 2012-Present (approximately 500 hours). Assisting with educational venues and center events.  Collections Department:  Responsible for developing Executive Summary and Master Catalog on orphan and/or CRM collections.  Individually classifying, researching, categorizing, and accessioning of the following collections:


1.  Faunal, Bird, Fish, Reptile, and Sea Mammal Teaching Collection.  Responsible for ascension of Faunal, Bird, Sea Mammal, and Fish teaching collection for San Diego Archaeological Center Education Department.


2. Cardinal Point CA-SDI-5080 & CA-SDI-5081 (SDAC Collection 280). Faunal bone analysis, projectile points, stone tools (Prehistoric & Historic; Kumeyaay Indian).


3. Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, San Diego County, CA-SDI-19396 and CA-SDI-19397 (Federal Collection).   Lithics (Prehistoric; Kumeyaay Indian).


4. Skyline Wesleyan Church, Lemon Grove, San Diego County, CA-SDI-4373 and CA-SDI-5066 (SDAC Collection 444).  (Prehistoric and Historic; Kumeyaay Indian).


5. Historical/Archaeological Survey Report for the Proposed Oceanside Reclaimed Water Line, Oceanside, California, CA-SDI-6882 (SDAC Collection 438). (Prehistoric and Historic; Luiseno Indian).


6.  Archaeological Investigations of the Mar Lado Subdivision, Oceanside, California, CA-SDI-5130 (SDAC Collection 374).  (Prehistoric and Historic; Kumeyaay and Luiseno Indian).


San Diego State University, South Coastal Information Center Volunteer: obtaining GIS experience, Fall 2012 with the assistance & direction of Nick Doose, GIS Supervisosr. 


Coronado Historical Association, Naval, City of Coronado, California, Coronado Historical Collections Department, November 2012 – May 2013.


Los Penasquitos Adobe Rancho House, San Diego County Department of Parks & Recreation Volunteer Guide, Summer 2012.



ASM Affiliates, Carlsbad, California. Assistant to Field Supervisor, daily scheduling of site monitor crews, reconciliation of field equipment and payroll expenses 2012. 


URS Corporation, Blythe, California.  Duties included evaluation of physical site, photography, analysis of artifacts, field reports, and data entry, May 2011.


Tierra Environmental Services, San Diego, California.  Data Entry of California Department of Parks & Recreation Forms and Photographs, 2011 and 2014.  Archaeological Monitoring Report for the Ocotillo Express Wind Energy Project, Imperial Valley, California.



Leadership, Public Speaking, Archaeological Illustration, First Aid Certified, CPR, Certified.  Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Digital Photography. Hobbies:  Hiking, Black & White Photography and Flint Knapping, Lithic Identification.



Human & Faunal Bone Analysis Seminar presented by UCSD Anthropology Department to Society of California Archaeology Convention, San Diego, California, May 2012.

The Ancient Greeks, Wesleyan University – Coursera Certificate of Achievement 2013.

Archaeology’s Dirty Little Secrets, Brown University – Coursera Certificate of Achievement 2013.

Going out on a limb:  The Anatomy of the Upper Limb – Coursera 2013.



San Diego Archaeological Center, Society of California Archaeology, San Diego County Archaeological Society, Society of American Archaeology, American Association of Critical Care Nurses (Alumnus).

                                              REFERENCES UPON REQUEST


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