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Talaiotic Sanctuaries in So na Caçana field school, Spain

Jennifer Palmer

Talaiotic Sanctuaries in So na Caçana.
(Menorca, Balearic Islands. Spain)
Archaeology Fieldschool.

From June 15th 2015 in So na Caçana Sanctuaries, in Menorca, an
archaeological survey and excavation campaign is starting, as a continuation
of the campaigns launched by Museo de Menorca (Menorca Museum) 30
years ago. In these previous interventions, between 1982 and 1987, the
remainings of buildings and constructions with a social, funerary and religious
function was found, and that proved a continuous human occupation in this
site since 1.500 B.C. util now.

TANYT is now responsible for this arqueological site, and this cultural
association aims to develop a fieldschool and experimental camp focused on
theorical and practical training for students and professionals in Archaeology
and in Cultural Heritage Conservation.

So, the training in the fieldschool includes hands-on interventions on
different sectors in the site, each one representing a cultural stage of Minorca
Prehistory, Protohistory and History (Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman Age and
Middle Age), and also theorical lectures and practical training in the current
methods of register and work in archaeological prospections, site survey and
excavations, according to Landscape Archaeology guidelines and
Geographical Information Systems for Archaeology and management of
Historical, Archaeological and Ethnographycal Heritage.

The archaeological intervention to be carried out will be:

Archaeological Prospection in Cotaina Geographical Zone (Landscape Unit
located in southwestern plains in Alayor – Mahón, Minorca).

Archaeological Excavation in the following finds:
• Funerary Hypogeum dated last Bronze Age- beginnings of Iron Age (XVVIII
c. B.C).
• Sanctuary, or “Taula” enclosure from Iron Age (VI – III c. B.C.).
• Home Construction from Iron Age (VI – III c. B.C.).
• Home building with function of livestock and agricultural production from
Roman Age ( II B.C. - IV c A.C.).
• Islamic Necropolis (IX – X c. A.C.).

The duration of the arqueological campaign is
planned to run for 6 months in a year, with
training and participation turns of 2 weeks
each. Turns include 50 hours practical training
and 20 hours theorical training.

The cost of the fieldwork turn covers personal
security, the training, a Certificate of
Participation, and boarding expenses.

The fees for each turn are:

• 600 € for participants coming from outside
the island (travel expenses for coming to
Minorca are not covered).
• 300 € for participants living in Minorca
(accomodation fees are not covered; meal
and minimum living expenses are covered).

For more information contact with us in
So Na Caçana Sanctuaries.
Alayor, Minorca. Balearic Islands, Spain, E.U.


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