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Illinois State Museum to be closed by Governor PLEASE HELP STOP THIS


Illinois yet again, has a really stupid Governor! He seems to think that a institution that dates to 1877 is not worth saving, or rather by closing it he can fix the state budget which is $4 billion in the hole. Or that the 68 people who work there, or the 384,000 people who went there last year alone don't matter.

 I beg to differ. But then I am a Biologist, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, and Geographic Information Scientist.  History be it of the land and animals or its people IS IMPORTANT. To paraphrase Lincoln you must first know where you have been to know where you are, and use that to decide where you are going.

The Illinois State Museum has been a part of my life almost as far back as I have memories. In elementary school we used to go to the State Museum for movies in the winter, we watched films about Illinois history, both natural and human, the world and thanks to Ray Harryhausen's films Greek Mythology and Simbad's adventures. After the films we would wonder the Museum and from the exhibits on the ground floor we learned about Illinois' plants and animals both past and present, our state's geology the minerals and natural resources that made our land important nationally. Upstairs we discovered the people of its past, those it was named for and about its long history of agriculture, as well as visiting exhibits from all over. All that just at the Springfield Illinois State Museum.

Dickson Mounds was also introduced into my world while in grade school. My first visits all included viewing the burial chamber, where my classmates and I learned to respect the dead, and any visitors who did not were shown out. The room inspired awe, respect, and curiosity not only of the people of the past but in archaeology, for myself and for others. I was privileged to attend a public school who understood the importance of our State's past to our futures', and we took many trips to Dickson Mounds over the years and we saw the Museum grow, adapt and change to meet the changing views of our legislators. 

If you feel that the history is important to learn, please feel free to share the link and see if you can find a way to help stop the Governor and save the State Museum system.

Or email the Commission responsible for hearings on the Closure (which is schedualed for July 1)
your name
The Illinios State Museum
That you Oppose the closure
And what sorty of testimony you would like to give, oral at the hearings, written statment filed, or a recorded appearence only.
And an email addy to recieve a confirmation. 


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