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Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer - Salem, OR

Jennifer Palmer

Principal Executive/Manager F (Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer)
Salary   $72,552.00 - $107,004.00 Annually Location   Salem, OR
Job Type Permanent Department Parks & Recreation-State Historic Preservation Office
Job Number OPRD15-0071OC Closing 7/12/2015 11:59 PM Pacific

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is conducting an executive search for a highly skilled leader to serve as the agency’s Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer.
This is an executive service, permanent, full-time position with an excellent benefit package. The position is located in the department's headquarters in Salem. The successful candidate will become part of OPRD's Management Team.
This position is included in a classification and compensation study of the state’s managerial positions. Changes to its assigned classification and salary range may occur.
This recruitment will be used to establish a list of qualified applicants and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.
Program and Position Information
OPRD operates a system of State Parks; operates special programs such as Scenic Rivers, Recreation Trails, Historic Preservation, and Ocean Shores programs; and provides assistance to local governments for recreation and heritage conservation. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department consists of about 487 full-time and 439 seasonal employees located in the Salem headquarters office, the Oregon State Fairgrounds and four operating regions statewide.  OPRD serves more than 40 million visitors per year with a 2013-15 biennial budget of $209.9 million.
This position is located within the Heritage Programs Division of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), which includes the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Oregon Heritage Commission, the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, and the Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council. The Division is managed by the Heritage Program Administrator who is also the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and directly responsible to the OPRD Director, who is the Governor-designated State Historic Preservation Officer.
SHPO is responsible for statewide administration of federal and state historic preservation programs, which includes a statewide survey to identify buildings and archaeological sites of potential historical significance; nomination of significant buildings and archaeological sites to the National Register of Historic Places; review of all federally- and state-funded or licensed projects for impact on historic buildings and archeological sites; administration of grants-in-aid for archaeological site excavation, building restoration, and survey projects; administration of federal and state tax incentive programs for rehabilitation of historic buildings; and administration of the state archaeological permits program.
SHPO also works closely with OPRD headquarters and field staff to ensure the protection of archaeological and historic sites within state parks, and provides cultural resource advice and assistance to agencies of federal, state and local governments as well as to private citizens.
The program primarily affects local governments, Tribal Governments, the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Highway Administration, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Department of Energy, the Division of State Lands, Department of Transportation, and Department of Land Conservation and Development; local planning department and governments with federally-funded or licensed projects; and private real estate developers and property owners.

The incumbent serves as the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer (DSHPO) and has delegated authority from the Director/State Historic Preservation Officer.  The incumbent oversees the operation of the federal and state programs that comprise the Division and serves as the major point of contact on preservation and heritage issues in the OPRD park system.  The Deputy SHPO develops biennial budgets, cultural resource policies, legislation and administrative rules relating to programs.  The position establishes priorities, work assignments and direction for all Division programs.  The incumbent has extensive dealings with senior officials in federal and state agencies and local governments.  The Administrator has regular dealings with legislators, citizen groups, professional organizations, the media, and the general public.  In consultation with the Historic Preservation manager, incumbent interviews and selects division employees.  Incumbent oversees all Governor, Division, or OPRD Director-appointed Boards, Commissions or Committees and serves as an ex-officio member on other cultural resource appointed bodies.
The Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer has the following primary responsibilities:
Administrator for Heritage Programs
Provide counsel to OPRD Director and to the other members of the Executive Team on heritage, and department-wide matters, including priorities, policy, legislation, organization, personnel, planning and budget.
Manage Division’s budget to ensure funds are managed in a fiscally responsible way to maximize the programs’ effectiveness and accountability. Develop and monitor annual and biennial work plans for the Division to ensure appropriate completion of projects and goals. Manage staff effectively and in accordance with the appropriate policies, including recruiting and hiring, mentoring and training, performance evaluations, and terminations.
Provide to OPRD Commission information, counsel, and requests for action on Heritage matters.
Represent the State Historic Preservation Office and the Oregon Heritage Commission to the Oregon Cultural Trust, OPRD headquarters and field staff on activities affecting historic and archaeological resources in the field system.
When required, represent the OPRD Director or the Heritage program to the Governor’s Office and at various meetings or other communication with legislators, agency heads, elected officials, congressional members, organizations, and individuals.
Participate in OPRD inter- and intra-agency task forces or working groups.
Participate in OPRD legislative issues, including preparation and presentation of testimony, direct response to legislators, preparation and revision of budget and concept documents, and coordination of OPRD efforts related to Heritage Programs.
Serve as OPRD liaison to the Department of Administrative Services regarding the government-to-government relationship of state agencies with Indian tribes (ORS 182, 162 – 168).
State Historic Preservation Office Duties
Oversee the management of statewide federal and state mandated historic preservation programs under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended (NHPA), and ORS 358 and 390.  Insure compliance with all statutory program requirements.  Create or delegate the creation of long- and short-term plans, including the statewide preservation plan as required under NHPA.  Determine program priorities and policy in consultation with the SHPO/Director and the Historic Preservation Programs Manager.  Plan, monitor, implement and adjust biennial budgets.  Assign staff work priorities and allocate resources for project implementation.  Investigate and resolve problems or disputes in all program areas, involving parties outside the agency when necessary.  Write legislative proposals, legislative testimony, and administrative rules.  Approve applications for state tax incentives for historic properties.  Oversee the former Oregon Historic Properties Commission responsibilities for state-owned artifacts.
Act as the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer.  Negotiate, review, and sign agreements relating to federal and state cultural resource laws.  Nominate properties to the National Register of Historic Places. Manage the state’s archeological permitting processing.  Award federal Grants-in-Aid. Review for sufficiency and sign Federal Tax Credit and Oregon Special Assessment applications. Participate in federal regulatory and policy task forces.  Certify local governments for participation in the Certified Local Government program. Review and comment on federal cultural resource regulation and federal appropriations and policy issues.
Consult with the Historic Preservation Programs Manager on the following:  supervision of SHPO personnel, hiring and training for new employees, resolving employee disputes, responding to grievances, and initiating disciplinary action when necessary.
Oversee the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation, the Historic Assessment Review Committee, and the Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council (OHTAC), to meet their various statutory mandates.
Serve as ex-officio member of the Oregon Heritage Commission. Serve, or delegate to appropriate staff, as a member of the Historic Columbia River Highway Advisory Committee, the Collaborative Environmental and Transportation Agreement for Streamlining (CETAS) group, and the OHTAC.
Work with local government officials, congressional members and their staffs, federal and state agency heads and staff, and tribal governments on cultural resources issues and policy.  Give speeches or otherwise address community groups, professional organizations, special interest groups, or members of the public on agency programs and policies relating to cultural resources.
Oversee SHPO’s public education program for all programs and associated grant programs. Serve as a point-of-contact for media inquiries.
Outreach Heritage Program Duties
In consultation with the Oregon Heritage Commission (OHC), the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries (OCHC), the Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council, Oregon Main Street, and on behalf of the OPRD Director, manage the OHC, OCHC, OHTAC, and OMS programs and activities, including associated grant programs  pursuant to state statutes and rules, and in the spirit of program goals and directives.
In consultation with the OHC, OCHC, OMS and OHTAC chairs, make recommendations to the OPRD Director and, as appropriate, to the Governor’s Office on appointments to the Commission.
Direct and supervise OHC, OCHC, and OHTAC personnel.  Select and train new employees, including temporaries and interns.  Evaluate performance:  resolve employee disputes, respond to grievances, and initiate disciplinary action when necessary.
Coordinate the delivery of Outreach Heritage programs (including technical assistance, designations and grants) in their respective spheres in order to make them more relevant to constituent needs and demands.
Internal Heritage Program Duties
Provide information, advice and assistance to the OPRD director and Executive Team in matters related to cultural resources within OPRD properties, with an emphasis on achieving balanced solutions that serve the needs of the department, the resources, and the resource advocates.
Coordinate the delivery of heritage services to OPRD field staff, including the identification, evaluation, and appropriate treatment options for cultural resources within park properties.
Coordinate the delivery of training and educational programs for OPRD field staff to expand their knowledge, appreciation for, management and interpretation of OPRD’s significant cultural resources.
Direct the development and delivery of accurate cultural resource information through the use of databases, filing systems, and other technologies, as appropriate.
Responsible for achieving the Department’s Affirmative Action goals through recruitment, selection and retention of protected class individuals.  Promote and support the value the Department places on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA), Diversity and Working Guidelines through individual actions and interactions with employees, applicants, stakeholders, community partners, and landowners. 
Working Conditions
Work is conducted primarily in an office environment. Frequent irregular hours. Frequent statewide meetings and travel in and out of Salem.

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