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MSc in Osteoarchaeology



I am a responsible and detailed-orientated, willing to do anything. I have over 10 years experience teaching children and adults in multiple subjects. I am a school and field-trained Osteoarchaeologist and Museum Curator with 5 years and 7 months experience in excavations of modern and ancient artifacts, identifying human and faunal skeletal remains in a fully- equipped laboratory, and finally knowledge of military museums and nature preserves. Willing to travel.



Curator (Washington State)           (40-45 hrs. a week)               SEP 2014-MAR 2015

·      Creating the layout of the upcoming NAS Whidbey Memorial Foundation on base

·      Successful outreach coordinator/NAS Whidbey naval base and local library communications

·      Designing layout of displays and NAS Whidbey artifacts/ acquiring US Naval maps and photographs

·      Holding extensive research of artifacts and photographs from before 1942

·      Generating future ideas for the museum/model warplanes involved with Oak Harbor, research room, library, accessioning and de-accessioning room


Assistant Curator (40hrs a week)                                                  JUN 2013-MAR 2015

·      With supervision, responsible for designing and creating the World War II room

·      Decided on displays and artifacts and layout of WWII room/favorite room among visitors

·      Conducted extensive and detailed-orientated interviews with WWII veterans and civilians living in Oak Harbor during WWII/recordings are part of tour

·      Accessioned and de-accessioned Civil War era-WWII artifacts such as war paraphernalia, PBY aircraft plane parts, books, etc using PastPerfect Database System/over 100 artifacts and uniforms a day


Docent (20 hrs a week)

·      Greeted individuals at the door and gave tours of the museum to international and local visitors, including school fieldtrips

·      Knowledgeable of displays and civilian history, such as a 1943 Wurlitzer jukebox


Research Analyst/Archaeological Technician (Orlando) (20 hrs a week)

APR 2008-SEPT 2011

·      With supervision, worked at the Oakland Nature Preserve and in Windemere, Fla

·      Cleaned and analyzed faunal remains recovered from excavation

·      Assisted in recreating Oakland’s large electronic library/scanned old newspaper articles from the past

·      In Windemere, Fla, excavated the land of the oldest (1800’s) school-house in Florida/ research and development-led excavations

·      Supervised children and adults with the process of finding and cleaning artifacts






Analyst and Surveyor (Spain) (40 hrs a week-two weeks)                 APR 2011-MAY 2011

·      Excavated multiple Roman Christian graves/ discovered an unmarked grave

·      Itemized and cleaned human remains/supervised other students with identification

·      Gave a successful presentation on the practice of trephanation/ began a Socaratic discussion on controversial human practices



Science and History Teaching Experience


·      As a volunteer and archaeologist, provided additional assistance in history and science in accessioning and de-accessioning artifacts and skeletal faunal remains for students, adults, and children visiting Oakland Nature Preserve

·      Docent and tutor at NAS Whidbey in Oak Harbor Washington, specializing in tours meant specifically for K-12 visiting students

·      Developed Socratic PowerPoint presentations and discussions regarding subjects in political science, historical world history, anthropology, archaeology, and the forensic sciences

·      Interpreter for Ventura County Outreach educational program for children and adults focusing on nature and California history in classroom settings and through outdoor field trips to Ventura parks, beaches, and historic sites. IS presentations are designed to engage students with direct hands-on experience.


Music Teaching Experience

APR 2013-SEPT 2013 Self-Employed Music Teacher

·      Taught multiple instruments in students’ individual homes to ensure ultimate one-on-one learning

·      Used an effective curriculum for children aging from 4-12


FEB 2011- JUN 2013 Click Music

·      Taught several instruments from ages 4-18, focuses mainly on the piano, flute, violin, and some vocal

·      Encouraged active participation by students, resulting in high level of interest and excitement. Developed interactive lessons

·      Volunteered to teach “Toddler Tunes,” a class for groups of children ranging from ages 2-5. Here, young children were introduced to several different instruments


 JUN 2009-DEC 2010 Classic Rock School of Music

·      Taught two instruments, the piano and the flute ages ranging from child to adult aging 96 years old


Other Teaching Experience

APR 2003-AUG 2005 Self-employment and Church of Christ

·      Taught songs and rhythm to primary and elementary youth on a weekly basis

·      Fostered a love of music in a positive environment.

·      Volunteered to provide additional caretaking in arts and crafts





University of Sheffield                                                                       SEPT 2013-2014    

MSc Osteoarchaeology

·      Extensive knowledge of both human and faunal remains. Faunal remains include: multiple deer species (reindeer, white-tailed deer, and elk), fox, dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, rabbit, multiple bird species, and fish

·      Public Speaking and Powerpoint Presentations

·      Class representative of students in MSc Osteoarchaeology program

·      Completed Dissertation (advisor Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins): Is the available evidence for cannibalism amongst humans enough to substantiate claims for its existence?  A comparative assessment of evidence from human and faunal remains.





Advanced Zooarchaeology


Bioanthropology II


Biomolecular Archaeology

Economic Anthropology

Osteoarchaeological Assemblage







University of Central Florida                                                            SEPT 2008-2010

·      Member of Central Florida Anthropological Society

·      GIS Bolivia project-won $500 scholarship with Dr. R Walker



·      Teacher/Lecturer-Over 8 years of teaching music theory, piano, violin, flute, and singing for all ages and children and group of children with special needs; lectured on human and faunal skeletons and human ritual practices

·      Drawing human and faunal skeletons

·      Korean and Spanish-Limited Working Proficiency

·      Proficient in Windows and Apple processing systems as well as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Apple’s equivalent: Pages, Keynote, Numbers and using SPSS Statistics and Adobe Photoshop

·      Proficient in PastPerfect Collection Database System

·      Research Writing and Lecturing

·      Curating (sorting artifacts by class, bagging and labeling, inventory, weighing, etc.) and preservation

·      Archaeological Surveys (landscape archaeology)-GIS, GPR, magnetometers, and electrical resistance meters, other archaeological tools: trowels, measuring tools (meters, inches, feet, kilometers), pegs for meter by meter plots, mason lines, photographic equipment, picks, plumb

·      Lab equipment and use: microscopes, stable isotope analysis, oxygen isotope measurements, proteins for characterization and sequencing, cleaning/drilling, extraction, as well as the range of basic equipment for preparation and initial analysis (e.g. centrifuges, heating blocks, freeze dryer, ultrasonic baths, sandblaster and a HPLC)






William Stein

Assistant Chairman

PBY Memorial Foundation

Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, WA 98278

(360) 679-1591


Kendall Campbell

Archaeologist and Cultural Resource Manager

Whidbey Island Naval Base

(360) 257-6780


Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins

Lecturer of Osteology and Dissertation Advisor

University of Sheffield

0114 222 2906


Chiara Sherman

Scheduler/Interpreter Specialist

Ventura City Interpreter Outreach Program

Parks and Recreation

Ventura, CA 93003

805- 677-3961


Dr. Fernando Contreras

Sanisera Field School

Ecomuseo de Cavalleria

Carretera Cap de Cavalleria-Port Sa Nitja ,

s/n 07740, (Finca de Santa Teresa)

1 3478710963


Kevin Gidusko

President (Orlando chapter)

Central Florida Anthropological Society

(407) 492-5421


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