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New to CRM world


Hi all,

I'm a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I moved to Greenville, NC because i'm planning on attending ECU's Maritime Archaeology Program. I have about a year before I start and I would love to work for CRM companies in the mean time. Right now I have a temp job with a CRM company but I would like to keep the motion going and continue doing CRM work (i know that may be a stretch). I was wondering if any of you folks happen to know of CRM companies that are looking for people? I honestly would be willing to drive up and down the east coast for work if per diem is involved. Let me know what you guys think.

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Well, the job boards here and at are your best bet.  

When I went to ECU I worked at Coastal Carolina in Tarboro, which is now CCRG.  There are several companies that do work in the area.  If they aren't actively hiring/advertising you are probably going to have to cold contact (email, call, etc) folks that work in the area.  Just off the top of my head:  Brockington, TRC, Berger, URS, CCRG, Legacy in Durham, though it is a little feast of famine there.....  Tetra Tech has a big pipeline going on through West Virginia and Virginia, Stell out of Pittsburgh seems to have a lot of work.  The CRA office in Richmond occasionally needs people.  And that's just a few off the top my head.  Scan the older job postings and contact those to see if they are still looking or had some folks drop out.

Regular field tech work isn't terribly hard to come by these days if you hustle... Maritime work, however... is a different story.

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I think that about covers it. Things are kind of dry in geberal in eastern NC.  Its been a while since I was doing entry level work in the southeast, but everyone I went to school with at ECU worked for CCR (CCRG) at some point.  The workflow and type of all firms varies. Just find what works for you. It may not be worth traveling several hundred miles for just a week.

Others not mentioned above might include CRI ( Virginia), SEARCH (based out of FL), or New South (Greensboro ?).  

However, if you want relevant experience I would see what kind of work you could get (even volunteer) at the QAR conservation lab at the West Research Campus at ECU.  

I also recommend you chat up your future professors and the terrestrial archaeology faculty at ECU (separate department).

*Note - even knowing people at most of the firms around, its hard to stay gainfully employed year round.  If you can run a trimble or a transit, be sure to mention it.

Best of Luck. Maybe you will find more work as sea level rises!

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I came here looking for the same kind of information. Thank you. I will be graduating ECU with my MA in Anthro this December. My experience is mostly lab experience, but I would rather be in the field, so am looking for leads on fieldwork/experience.



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