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Texas Field Archaeologist with Palaeontology Experience


Salvatore Caporale
(720)339-1198 • • 2614 A Pecan Ridge Drive Unit A • Bryan, Texas  77802


2015, Fall                Anthropology, M.A.  University of Arkansas. Pending thesis acceptance.

2011                       Paleoecology Reconstruction, B.S.  Metropolitan State University of Denver

2009                       Anthropology, B.A. Geography minor.  Metropolitan State University of Denver



2006 to 2015          HDR, URS, SWCA, URS, RMC, US Forest Service

·         Archaeological Field Technician participating in phase I, II and III projects

·         Used tools and techniques typical of survey and excavation

·      Completion of site, data management and associated forms

·         Identified ,photographed, collected, cataloged, and recording historical and prehistoric cultural material

·         Used PDAs and other digital equipment to record artifact and site data

·         Utilization of Trimble and other GPS equipment

·         Conducted background research from physical archives and digital data inventories

·         Used common office software such as ArcGIS, Word, Excel, Photoshop and PowerPoint


2014 Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Idaho

        Guest Scientist position sponsored by the GeoCorps “Scientists In The Parks” program

        Identified and recorded  fossil materials

        Designed and implemented original paleoenvironmental research using fossil materials

        Maintained and assisted in curating the park’s paleontological and biological collection

        Disseminated information to the public and provided interpretation to groups and individuals

2009, 2010, 2012    Paleoanthropological Excavations, Tanzania.      

·         Assistant Archeologist (Crew-Chief level responsibilities) in an interdisciplinary  research team

·         Instructed workers, students and volunteers in field techniques

·         Led survey and excavation crews for fossil materials

         Daily activities included the recovery, identification and documentation of paleontological specimens

RELATED EXPERIENCE                                                                                           

2012                       Research Assistant, University of Arkansas

·         Coordinated and worked closely with in-house and visiting

·         Maintained laboratory equipment and collection specimens


2010-2004      Archaeology Field School,  Metropolitan State University of Denver   

         Coordinated and worked closely with in-house and visiting

·         Maintained laboratory equipment and collection specimens


2009                      National Museum of Tanzania and House of Culture, Dar es Salaam                              

        Participation in the design and creation of written and graphic materials for the Human Origins Exhibit


2007                       Anthropology Lab Volunteer, Metropolitan State University of Denver  

        Identification and research of floral and faunal specimens

        Preparation, preservation, documentation and cataloging of collection items


2006                       PaleoResearch Institute Internship

        Participation in the creation of paleoclimatic computer models

        Research of human settlement patterns as they pertain to climatic factors


2005                       Bioarchaeology Field School, Metropolitan State University of Denver

        Participated as a student at a Pre-contact site in the Highlands of Peru

        Excavation, research, documentation and analysis of human, faunal and floral remains 


2003- 1998             Denver Museum of Nature and Science Volunteer

        Accessioning, documentation and cataloging of artifacts and biological specimens

        Preparation, preservation, display, organization and maintenance of collection items




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