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Cultural Resources Program Manager, GS-09/11 - Term NTE 1 year, Washington, DC

Jennifer Palmer

Job Title:Cultural Resources Program Manager (Interdisciplinary)
Department:Department Of The Interior
Agency:National Park Service
Job Announcement Number:NPS-NCR-RSS-15-1454795(KB)
SALARY RANGE:    $52,668.00 to $82,840.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD:    Friday, August 14, 2015 to Friday, August 28, 2015
SERIES & GRADE:    GS-0170/0193/0807-09/11
DUTY LOCATIONS:    2 vacancies in the following location:
Washington DC, DC View Map
WHO MAY APPLY:    United States Citizens
SECURITY CLEARANCE:    Q - Nonsensitive
Experience your America and build a fulfilling career by joining the National Park Service, as we prepare for a second century of Stewardship and Engagement.  Become a part of our mission to connect with our past and create important connections to the future by building a rich and lasting legacy for the next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates.

SPECIAL HIRE AUTHORITY CONSIDERATION: Eligible under Special Appointment Authority; Individuals who are eligible for consideration under special hiring authority (i.e., 30% compensable veterans, severely handicapped individuals, former Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers, etc.) will be accepted and considered non-competitively for this vacancy.
 This position is located in National Capital Region , The Division of Resource, Science and Stewardship. 
Please Choose one or more series to be considered: 
 001 and 002 Historian
003 and 004 Archeologist
005 and 006 Landscape Architect
Note:   This is an interdisciplinary position:  Historian (0170),  Archeology (0193), and  Landscape Architect (0807). The organizational title of this position is "Cultural Resources Program Manager".  
This position has promotion potential to the target grade level of 11. You may be promoted to the next higher grade without further competition when all statutory and regulatory requirements have been met, performance is satisfactory and promotion is recommended by the supervisor. Promotion to the next higher grade is not guaranteed and is contingent upon the above criteria.
Management may select at any of the grade levels announced.
This is a term position not to exceed 1 year with possible extensions up to a total of 4 years without further competition. Appointment to this position will not confer permanent status in the Federal service.

Occasional Travel
Travel may be required to attend meetings, training, or visit sites.
Relocation expenses will be paid
U.S. Citizenship
Males born after 12/31/59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Svs.
Relevant experience and/or education (See Qualification and Evaluations).
Suitable for Federal employment as determined by a background investigation
Possess and maintain a valid State or District of Columbia driver’s license
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The incumbent of this position supports the intricate program  of cultural resources management activities involving often sensitive and complex issues, works with the park's Cultural Resources Program Manager on resource stewardship issues,and participates on the National Park Service's regional Cultural Resources Advisory Team and similar organizations.

Prepares and coordinates the writing of the cultural resources section of the resources management documents and specific action plans pertaining to the management and protection of cultural resources.
Develops and maintains effective working relations with Native Americans, other traditional associations, and related groups, agencies, and the public.
Coordinates park cultural resource strategies and programs with those on adjacent lands for the purposes of achieving broad protection strategies and preventing human impacts.
Performs or directs substantive, project-oriented work in one or more of the professional fields mentioned.
Negotiates cooperative and interagency agreements and other cooperative instruments needed to effectively carry out resource stewardship goals.
Identifies research needs, prepares requests for proposals and statements of work, and provides oversight for research projects.
Serves as a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative and Agreement Technical Representative for projects conducted through contracts, interagency agreements, and cooperative agreements.
Collects, analyzes, and synthesizes scientific information from research, monitoring, resources management actions, and other sources of information and then prepares reports for specific projects.
Conducts or coordinates the review of projects to assure protection of cultural resources and compliance with applicable federal laws such as the National Historic Preservation Act, Archaeological Resources Protection Act, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and National Environmental Policy Act and serves as a member of the park compliance Interdisciplinary team.
Conducts park activities and coordinates with Regional Program Managers to facilitate management of resource databases including the List of Classified Structures, the Archaeological Sites Management Information System, and the Cultural Landscapes Inventory.
Reviews, edits, and/or writes cultural resources documents to include National Register nominations, Determination of Eligibility documents, Cultural Landscape Reports and Inventories, Historic Structure Reports, among others.

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