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Archaeologist needed for Peace Corps Response in Palau


Apply by following this link:

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) is needed to serve as an Archaeological Education Outreach Specialist for the Bureau of Arts & Culture, Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs of the Palau National Government. Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs works to preserve and foster historic properties for the benefit of all Palauan people, as well as for community tourist opportunities and educate about Palauan traditions that are threatened with extinction. The Palau National Government is looking for someone who can build the capacity of the Bureau of Arts & Culture in the Survey & Inventory/Archaeology Section with their archaeological site reviews, surveys, and project reviews. It is important for the schools and people of Palau, particularly the youth, to learn about Palau’s past and to protect these sites for future generations.

An Archaeological Education Outreach Specialist experienced in archaeological research, and GIS and field survey, is needed to build the staff capacity of the Bureau of Arts & Culture, Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs. The Archaeological Education Outreach Specialist will be responsible for building capacity of the Counterpart in archaeological reconnaissance surveys involving identification, mapping and documentation of archaeological, historical and cultural sites, and to build capacity of the Counterpart in the Project Review Process in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. On top of that, the Volunteer is expected to transfer skills so that local staff can better update and maintain the archaeological GIS and Access database of the Bureau. The PCRV will also have the opportunity to start public and Babeldaob school outreach to local and regional institutions, students, and interested tourists on the results of the site preservation work, and develop a tourism framework including groups of students, researchers, and tourists, in order to attract publicity and possible funding for an ongoing project. The goal of this assignment is to spread knowledge about Palau’s past to local youth and schools and to protect these sites for future generations.

Please note these are approximate departure dates and may change.

Bachelor's Degree
  • A bachelor degree in archeology or relevant field, plus 5-years work experience or equivalent specialized training in archaeological research, GIS and field survey.

  • Must be willing to respect the traditions and cultures of Palau, and have at least two years of overseas work experience.

  • Incumbent must be physically fit and able to walk/hike rough and rugged terrain of Babeldaob, and be able to carry 30+ pounds of survey gears/equipment.


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