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"The conquerors. Following the Roman legions" is an intensive, two-week educational program in Roman field archaeology. In course of this program the students will take part in ongoing excavations in Roman fortress situated near the modern town of Montana (North-Western Bulgaria). The program offers combination of ten days hands-on fieldwork and seminars devoted to small finds processing and archaeological illustrations. The program incorporates also research trips which will introduce the participants with the comprehensive historical and cultural valuables of Rome and Roman civilization.


The students who join the program will become part of a professional team including the digs leader, supervisors and instructors. The work at the site is organised in different Sectors for group of three students and several workers. The Sectors are observed by supervisors and the students are taught by instructors. The teaching of the students follows a strict program. For this purpose at the site is developed a teaching center where in the first days of the school the participants are introduced to the basic methods in field archaeology: cleaning archaeological structures, single-context plan, section drawing, working with level.

After passing the first stage of study the students are involved into personal (or group) tasks connected with the work at the site. The accent is on development of their skills and abilities to describe and analyse the archaeological situations, filling in the scientific diary and statistical cards.

The afternoons between 5.00 and 7.00 PM are devoted to the post field work which take place in the field school residence place. The program offers basic knowledge and practical work with the material found, statistical and descriptive methods. Very important skill to be acquired is the documenting of small finds and the archaeological illustration. At the end of the program the students will be familiar also how to use the computer software for an archaeological purpose. This point includes working with graphical software (Adobe Photoshop) and preparing scientific presentation (Microsoft Power Point).

Students who attend three of four weeks session will take additional lessons on advanced software for archaeologists: Autocad, arcGIS, Adobe In Design. They will have a chance also to be involved in the every-day work of the archaeological team and develop their skills on processing and analysing the archaeological data from the excavations.

The two-weeks session (regular session) includes two educational trips - in Saturday after the arriving of the group and in the weekend at the end of the first week. The program is varied - within two days the students will visit two Roman and one Medieval fortress. They will have the opportunity to enter into two amazing caves, meet a prehistoric wall paintings and admire to the biggest silver treasure found in Bulgaria. The excursions include also two natural phenomena - the Vratsa gorge and the Belogradchik rocks - the second became finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011.

For the students attending three and four weeks session additional trips are available. In the weekend we going to organise visits to archaeological sites not socialised for visitors or undertaking field survey in the vicinities.


Main location:           Montana region, North-Westhern Bulgaria

Site:    Village of Smolyanovtsi, locality "Gradiste"

Period:           Roman period (1st - 3rd c. AD), Byzantine period (4th - 6th c. AD)

Courses included: Introduction to the archaeological field methods and techniques

Academic hours: 40 hours practicum; 20 hours seminars

Project director: Maria Petrova (South East European Archaeological Summer School)

Collaborating Institutions:  South East European Archaeological Summer School, International Foundation Smolianovtsy

Field school Regular sessions: 2 July - 15 July, 2016; 16 July - 29 July, 2016

Application deadline:           Until the places are filled but not later than 1 June, 2016

Minimum length of stay:     One session (14 days)

Minimum age:           18 (16, if the participant is accompanied by an adult family member)

Number of places available:            Maximum 8

Experience required:           None

Educational trips:     Chalcolithic settlement and Roman fortress in Mezdra, Vratsa museum of history, "Vratsata" gorge, Ledenika cave, Montana fortress, Belogradchik Fortress, Belogradchik rocks, Magura Cave



Super early booking till October 31, 2015: € 899 (app. $ 985)

Early booking till December 31, 2015:  € 1027 (app. $ 1125)

Regular Admission Fee (after January, 2016): € 1284 (app. $ 1407)

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