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     This course, only taking place in one session in 2016, offers an opportunity for students to learn about the different post-excavation tasks that can be carried out in any archaeological laboratory, including processing of materials, classification and inventory of pottery, archaeological photography and drawing. Also, part of the course will be focused on documentation of archaeological materials, by learning how to take pictures of materials as well as creating 3D models through photogrammetry, and how this information can be used and displayed, both for scientific and educational purposes. Students will also devote part of the course to learn the basics on conservation and restoration of archaeological artifacts.

    The theoretical part of the course will consist in a series of lectures which will help out students in understanding how to perform the different laboratory tasks properly. The practical side of the course will be carried out by students through the different tasks related to post-excavation work, always under the instructors' guidelines. All artifacts that will be processed during the course have been located at the site of Sa Cudia Cremada, a Bronze and Iron Age site where materials from different cultures can be found (native or talayotic, Punic, Roman, Islamic).

    Weekly excursions to different museums on the island and archaeological sites will build up the students' knowledge about post-excavation duties as well as the amazing Archaeology of Menorca. 

    When? October 2016
    Where? Mahon, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain 
    Duration of the course: 3 weeks. (5th to 23rd October) 
    Costs: 800 euro.
    What is included on the price?: tuition fees, course materials, accommodation (1 to 2 people per room, fully-equipeed kitchen, laundry service), daily transportation to the lab/accommodation, pick-up service from the airport upon arrival, midday snack, accident insurance, excursions, entrance to museums and archaeological sites, certificate of participation.  

    To sign up for this course or get more information about it, contact us at LIMITED PLACES!! 

    The Field School: Sa Cudia Cremada is an international field school that offers courses for students who want to gain first-hand experience in archaeological practice and dig in a Mediterranean site. Sa Cudia Cremada is a talayotic site dating back to the Bronze and Iron Age with a great state of preservation. Some of the most important features that it has are three monumental towe-shaped buildings called talayots, several hypogea or artificial caves which were used as collective burial sites and the settlement's sanctuary.

    The sanctuary, called Taula enclosure, started to be excavated in summer 2015 and has already shed light on its internal structure and chronology! 

    Taula enclosures are exclusive to Menorca (they cannot be found anywhere else in the world). The have a horse-shoe-shaped layout and its main element is a T-shaped monument called Taula, which consists in a vertical stone slab and a lintel on top of it, forming a T. In the rest of Taula sanctuaries that have been excavated in the island, concentration of ashes (from ritual hearths) and a huge quantity of faunal remains and pottery vessels have been found, which indicate that religious ceremonies and banquets were taking place inside this type of buildings. 

    The materials that will be studied during this course come from this Iron Age religious building!  

    We have 2 different courses

    1. Fieldwork at Sa Cudia Cremada, which takes place between end of May and mid September and is divided in four 3-week sessions, which are devoted to fieldwork at the site's sanctuary, laboratory tasks, lectures and excursions.
    - Session 1: May 30th to June 17th
    - Session 2: July 4th to July 22nd
    - Session 3: August 1st - August19th 
    - Session 4: August 29th - September 16th

    2. Archaeology laboratory at Sa Cudia Cremada Field School, which is mainly focused in laboratory tasks and takes place in September/ October: 
    - Session 1: September 19th to October 7th. 


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