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cursed site?


I thought I'd post this on Halloween.

There was a large cemetery relocation project that took place a bit back in the mid-atlantic. Over 3,000 residents were removed to make way for a hospital. Since then the owner of the company has passed away, along with the site's manager/field director, the site's photographer, the lab person/illustrator, and three of the techs. There may be more that I don't know about.   

not Howard Carter type spooky, but still.... 

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Did you know that every single person who worked on Howard Carter's excavation of Tut's tomb is dead?

Pretty spooky stuff.

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I think my cubicle at work is a cursed site...AAARRGGHH! Choke...gurgle...croak.

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It was the Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington DE. I was there for at least 9 months. There were probably 70 techs. Considering the drinking habits of the Lab Director I would be surprised if he was alive. Considering the arsenic and heavy metal content in the burials. I wouldn't be surprised.


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