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MA Seeking Work in New England Area


I am an ambitious  young archaeologist looking for work in the New England area but willing to travel. 
I have worked throughout New England since 2012 and would love to opportunity to become part of a great archaeological team, whether it be in the lab or in the field!

Samantha Savory

Phone: 603-247-7760




Master of Arts: Applied Archaeology May 2015

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana PA 15705

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology May 2011

            University of New Hampshire, Durham NH 03824


Related Courses:

·         Prehistoric, Historic, and Zoo archaeological Artifact Analysis

·         Cultural Resource Management Seminar I &II: Emphasis on determining significance and writing Cultural Resource Management Reports.

·         Archaeological Laws and Ethics

·         Historical Archaeology

·         Archaeology of Pre-Columbian North America

·         GIS for Environmental Application


Work Experience:


Gray and Pape: Field Technician

September 2015: 2 weeks: 40 hours/week

·         Perform walkover survey for project area to determine areas to excavate.

·         Identify historic and prehistoric artifacts in the screen and in-situ of shovel test pits.

·         Identify soil changes and soil profiles to understand excavation, and determine if other soils were brought in from another area.



University of Massachusetts Archaeological Services: Field Technician

July 2015-August 2015: 6 weeks: 40 hours/week

·         Responsible for identifying historic and prehistoric artifacts.

·         I was responsible for identifying soil changes and possible features within shovel test pits.

·         Logging all finds, by bagging artifacts, writing all information for artifact bag tags, and filling out necessary paperwork for each unit. Including artifacts, depths, soil profiles, and any notes to assist in analysis of the artifacts in the lab.

·         Take inventory of artifacts at the end of the week to assure all artifacts are present and information is correct.


Dynamic Environments Inc.: Subcontractor

November 2014

·         Write a cultural context statement for the state of Vermont.

·         Research the cultural history of Vermont from the Paleo-Indian period through to Contact Period.

·         Conduct research within watershed, primary and secondary sources of Native American sites

·         Work on a deadline and get the report finished within the timeframe dictated by Dynamic Environment Inc.


Victoria Bunker Inc.: Archaeological Field Technician

April 2014-October 2014: 35 hours/week

June 2013-October 2013: 35 hours/week


·         I am responsible for excavating shovel test units and units while understanding and recognizing soil changes, the appearance of features and in-situ artifacts.

·         I fill out all necessary paper work, this included shovel test forms, unit forms with profile drawings and feature drawings when necessary.

·         I identify historic and prehistoric artifacts in-situ and in the screen.

·         I assist the supervisor with lying out transects for shovel test pits and units.

·         I perform walking surveys to determine eligibility for further archaeological investigation

·         I have assisted in drawing maps of archaeological survey areas and historic archaeological features such as quarries and stone walls.



Independent Archaeological Consulting Inc.: Archaeological Field Technician

November 2013: 2 weeks 40 hours/week

August 2012: 40 hours/week


·         I excavated shovel test pits and units of varying size using arbitrary levels, with respect to changing soil levels and appearance of features.

·         I recognize historic and prehistoric artifacts in-situ and in the screen.

·         I fill out all forms of field paper work. Such as unit forms, shovel test forms, artifact form, photography log and profiles forms when necessary.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania Archaeological Services Laboratory:

Lead Laboratory Technician

January 2013-May 2013: 25-40 hours/week


·         I directly supervised one laboratory technician who acted as my assistant. I taught the technician how to label archaeological technicians, create databased and create files for each archaeological site that was assigned.

·         I was responsible for creating inventories for artifacts, photographs, maps and other miscellaneous documentation associate with the archaeological site.

·         I contacted all owners of the archaeological collections by mail and on the phone to determine if they want to donate them or want to keep them.

·         All collections were curated according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2003 standard guidelines.



Indiana University of Pennsylvania Archaeological Services:

Laboratory Technician

September 2011-May 2012: 25 hours/week


·         Working with collections and bringing the collections to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2003 guidelines.

o   Labeling historic artifacts from several past excavations

o   Creating inventory of artifacts with Microsoft Access


Field School Experience:

June-August 2012: Jefferson, NH

NH Salvage Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program (SCRAP) - Jefferson VI Field School

May-July 2010: Pintia, Spain

            University of Valladolid Excavation of 5th Century BC Necropolis

June-July 2009: Durham NH

            NH SCRAP Field-Bickford Excavation


Professional Presentations:

2013 Mid-Atlantic Archaeological Conference: Presented a poster; Habitat Preference, Seasonality and the Monongahela: A Faunal Analysis of the Johnston Site 36IN02.

2014 Society for American Archaeology Conference: Presented a poster; Brook Farm: A Ceramic Analysis of a Short Lived Utopia.


References Available upon Request


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