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Public Archaeologist/ Lab Supervisor looking for a new lab to call home.


Rebekah Nychelle Temple

12206 Meadow Lane , Louisville, KY  40243

Phone:  502-609-2780  E-mail:




Professional Profile and Research Interests:

            A historic archaeologist with experience in public and urban archaeology; knowledge of Southeastern United States historic and prehistoric artifacts; teaching of primary level students and college level students on the basics of archaeology; research interests in Museum studies, forensic anthropology, ceramics of historical America; experience with MS Word, Excel, Access, Works, and Power Point.



B.A.                 Biological Anthropology with concentration in Archaeology,
University of Louisville


Certificate        Ancient Egypt: A history in six objects

           University of Manchester                                                  





Kentucky Archaeological Survey                                  08/2002 – 08/2015

Laboratory Supervisor.  Responsibilities include laboratory setup and proper storage of all artifacts.  Supervise and instruct other employees and college students in the proper washing techniques, identification, and cataloging of historic and prehistoric artifacts.  Maintained museum displays at Farnsley-Moreman Landing; Other responsibilities include research, office organization, management and maintained working relationships with other firms, data entry, and writing reports.


Field Director. Responsible managing supplies needed and setup of equipment, excavation, data collection, mapping, photography, and profile plans.  Experience with public archaeology dealing with all age groups and supervision of college interns in all archaeological field activities.  Experience in phase I – III excavations.


                        Projects worked on (Lab and Field):

·         Riverside - a 19th century plantation style home in Louisville, KY     

·         Romara Place – a late 19th century historic home in Louisville, KY

·         Cox-Simpson House  - A Civil War Era home in Jackson County, KY.

·         Farnsley-Kaufman Home – a 19th century plantation style home in Louisville, KY.

·         Farmington Historic Home – a 19th century plantation style home in Louisville, KY.

·         Squire Earick House – a 19th century riverside home located in Portland, Louisville, KY.

·         Portland Wharf – a late 18th, early 19th century wharf area of the city of Portland, annexed by the city of Louisville in 1850.

·         Bell’s Tavern – a 19th century tavern located in Barren County, KY.

·         Mulberry Hill – a late 18th century, early 19th century plantation home in Louisville, KY.

·         Anchorage – a 19th century historic home located in Louisville, KY.

·         Wendall Ford Army National Guard Reserve Center – locating and documenting old mine town cemeteries within military reserve property.


Archival Research:

·         Fort Campbell Military Archaeological Project

·         Wendall Ford Army National Guard Project

·        Riverside:  Farnsley-Moreman Landing

·        Portland Wharf


Brockington & Associates                                              05/2007 – 06/2008

Field Director.  Responsible for the crew and for the management of supplies needed, setup of equipment, excavation, data collection, mapping, photography, and profile plans. Other duties include report writing, research, and recruitment of contracts from outside sources. Experience in public archaeology working with schools, government agencies, profit and non-profit groups.  Supervision and instruction of college interns in all field activities.


                   Projects Worked on (Lab and Field)

·         Fort Knox FY2007– Phase I and II revisits to various sites within the base boundaries.  These included Prehistoric and Historic sites.

·         Fort Knox Timber Harvest – Phase I survey of two hunting areas to identify any possible sites.

·         Fort Knox Land Lease project – Phase I survey of a small parcel of land, intended to be leased to the city of Radcliff, to identify any possible sites.

·         Bluegrass Army Depot – Phase II excavation of a prehistoric site.

·         Whitaker Tract – Surface collection of 13 plowed fields to identify any sites within the property boundaries.

·         Kingsland, GA – Phase I and II survey of a historic Hunting Lodge and property.  This survey included mostly prehistoric sites.

·         Fort Knox FY2008 – Phase I and II revisits to various sites within the base boundaries.


Research Publications:

          Stottman, M.J. and Temple, R.N. Printed, Riverside Survey Project. 2012.


        Pritchard, J., Temple, R.N., and Creswell, M.  Printed, Bluegrass Army Depot Project.  2007.


Temple, R.N. and Creswell, M.  Printed, Fort Knox Timber Harvest.  2007.


Temple, R.N. Printed.  Fort Knox Land Lease.  2007


Stottman, M.J., Stahlgren, L.C., and Temple, R.N.  Printed, Fort Campbell Archaeological Research Project.  2004.


Stottman, M.J. and Temple, R.N.  Printed,  Cox-Simpson House in Jackson County, KY.  2004


Temple. R.N.  Printed,  National Historic Register Nomination of the Portland Wharf, Louisville, KY.  2002


Research Topics Unpublished:

            Bubonic Plague                                                                                        2002

            Native American Women in Military Service                                        2002

            A Historical View of Louis XIV                                                               2003

            Highland Avenue Litter Project                                                              2003

            Druidism:  The Celtic Religion                                                               2004


Teaching Experience:

Education of primary school level and college level                 2002-2015

students of the basics of excavation and identification

 of historic and prehistoric artifacts.


Presentations to primary school classrooms about

archaeology and science.                                                                   2003-2015



Volunteer Service:

            Excavation at Riverside:  Farnsley-Moreman Landing.                        2001- 2015

            Excavation at Farnsley-Kaufman House                                                2002, 2010

            Excavation at Farmington Historic Home                                                2002, 2008

            Educational Display at the KY State Fair for Kentucky

                        Archaeological Survey                                                                  2002




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