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Join 2016 excavation at Roman Fortress Pulpon. Spain


Are you looking for archaeological fieldwork experience as part of your university degree?

Maybe you simply crave an international adventure that will contribute to world history?


Location: Carrascosa del Campo, Spain
Dates: August
Duration: 3 weeks
Periods: Roman

In this program you will be immersed in all the process that an excavation implies, from surveying , digging, drawing, recording…while working hands-on with professional archaeologists in a most interest Roman settlement. The highlight of the site is a quadrangular building of unknown function that could have served as a military garrison, as a horreum or as a place where to store lapis specularis, the first crystal known to be used in windows, which brought economic prosperity to the region in the time of Augustus.
You will help to rewrite a page of Rome ancient history in Spain.

The highlight of the site is a quadrangular four corner-towers building (one of the biggest in Roman Spain) of unknown function (for the moment) that could have served as a military garrisonor as a horreum or place where to transform lapis specularis, the first crystal known to be used in windows (Plinius. Nat. Hist. XXXVI, 161), which brought economic prosperity to the region in the time of Augustus.

At the Roman Fortress Pulpon you will have a complete immersion in the archaeological process. You will be aware of the laws, regulations and protocols needed before starting digging. We will tell you about the different methods in surveying: using maps, bibliography, local history, aerial and satellite photography and of course, field walking using a GPS.

You will be learning the methods and techniques of an archaeological excavation, using tools, of course, but also working with stratigraphy, using record sheets and writing down an excavation diary. Collecting, cleaning and classifying different artifacts will be part of your daily work as well as drawing structures and archaeological materials. You will be introduced in the study of roman pottery and will find out how to get from inventories and storage in a museum to exhibitions. 

In cooperation with students’ universities, academic credit can be obtained.

Program Dates & Fees 2016:

August 1 – August 19

Fees 2016:  

US$ 1.550

Program Fees Include:

  • Full Room and Board 
  • Fieldwork training
  • Excursions and other activities
  • Transportation to and from airport on first and last days of program
  • Daily transport to the site
  • Medical Insurance
  • Application fee
  • Administrative costs
  • Certificate of 120h of practice

Your fee will go toward the research project.

Fees DO NOT include airfare.

Accommodations and Excursions.

We will be staying in one of the two Carrascosa hostels, both located in the centre of the village, next to the church. A 5 minute walk from the hostel you will find the village swimming pool, that you can use and enjoy every day after working at the site.

You will have the opportunity to meet different aspects of the Spanish culture at the excursions. We’ll visit: Toledo, Cuenca and its archaeological museum, the Roman city of Segóbriga, the monastery of Uclés and a Roman mine of lapis specularis.

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