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When should I pursue a Masters? About to get my BA


Hi I am a senior in my Anthropology undergrad, and I graduate in the spring and need to figure out my next step. I don't want to be a field tech forever,and know I will eventually need a Master's degree, but I'm not sure if I should do odd jobs field teching for a while to get experience (I've only been on 2 digs, one of them a 3 wk field school, one 5 days helping at another field school) or if I should go straight into a Master's program. Advice? 

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If you are considering a MA in anthropology/archaeology and you only have a month of field experience, I would recommend field teching and/or some longer term paid internships to start. If you get on with a good company, you can learn a lot about becoming a field archaeologist. It takes a long time to become a good archaeologist so the more experience the better. Good luck.

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I would highly recommend that you spend at least several months in CRM to see if you like it. Which in practice means taking a year off from school to work.

CRM is very, very different from field school. You don't want to waste 2-3 years of your life and 10s of thousands of $ on grad school. Especially, if you find out that you don't actually want to do archaeology as a career.


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