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Reliable, dependable, Shovel Bum, works well with Archaeologists. Excellent References.


Andrew Thomas Powell
(Known as Andy Gabriel-Powell)

Resident in Western NC, but will travel.


Telephone etc available on request

Mission Statement
I am looking to develop my enjoyment and interest in Practical Archaeology at a modest level (field technician work etc.) I possess respectable field experience gained while searching for the lost colony in the OBX (2009 to date). I have also worked at Fort Caswell, a civil war fort on Oak Island.
In addition to this I can offer several years experience in researching the early English Colonial Period.
I possess a background in Resource and Operations Manager, and offer these as transferable skills.

Archaeological Experience
William Peace University Field School, Fort Caswell, Oak Island, Wilmington, NC (May 23rd 2015 – June 6th 2015)
Unit supervisor working under Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Thomas Beaman and Field Archaeologists. Acheived objectives of revealing the inner and outer 'wet moat' walls (found at a depth of 4ft), and a Caponier, all within a two week time period. Responsible for a team of up to five Undergraduates on a rotational basis. Duties included direction of labour, presentation of unit (preparing stratigraphy for mapping, photography of finds etc;) supporting public visits, managing equipment, and unit safety.

William Peace University Field School, Fort Caswell, Oak Island, Wilmington, NC (May 24th 2013 – June 1st 2013)
Unit supervisor working under Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Thomas Beaman and Field Supervisors. Targeted with specific objectives for the dig. Responsible for a team of three/four Undergraduates. Duties included direction of labour activities, managing equipment, and unit safety.

Lost Colony Research Group, Indian Town Project, Buxton, Hatteras Island, NC (May 2012 –June 2012)
Shovel testing as part of a team looking for evidence that the lost colony of Roanoke had relocated to Hatteras Island. Working under the direction of Principal Investigator Professor Charles R. Ewen. Assisted with recording and cataloging. Assisted with GPS mapping.

Lost Colony Research Group, Buxton, Hatteras Island, NC (Four times between 2009 and 2011)
Unit Supervisor under the direction of Professor Mark Horton (England). Assisted in recording and cataloging of finds, managing equipment, unit safety, setting out, excavation and preparation of units. Managed a team of up to four undergraduates and some additional volunteers.

Last Employment
Operations Manager (August 1999 –January 2016)
Responsible to Board level for Corporate compliance and advice on national legislation on Health and Safety, Highway Regulations, and Environmental Management. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining a number of national accreditations and standards.
Also responsible for managing the company’s Information Technology, preparation of Tender documents, Quality Assurance, Training, 24/7 Responsive Maintenance Services, and three major client accounts.

Previous Employment
Resource Planning Manager (August 1987 – July 1999)
Responsible to Senior Management for resource planning for a 32 production line facility.
Tasks included ensuring and maintaining material supplies, adequate labour resources, and maximizing production capacity to meet client targets and forecasts.

Highly Proficient: Organization and Resource Planning, Co-ordination of Events, Research, Meetings, Data Entry
Highly Proficient: Archaeological Techniques (Excavation Shovel, Trowel and artefact recovery).
Proficient: Archaeological Techniques: (Setting out Units, Documentation, Cataloguing).
Proficient: Reading and Interpretation of historical documents (including those written in 16th century English).
Highly Proficient: Map reading (modern and historical)
Proficient: Risk Assessment and Method Statements (Health and Safety)
Proficient: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint); Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.
Proficient: Customer Services, Client Account Management.

Education and Qualifications
Higher National Diploma Materials Science (equiv. USA = Associate Degree) ([Distinction] Brunel University 1992)
‘O’ Level English and Mathematics (equiv. USA = High School Diploma) (Raynes Park High 1975)
‘Managing Safely’ (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Held since 2009)
UK National Navigation and Orientation Award Scheme (Bronze) (2014)

Publications, Awards, and Academic Papers
Publication: “Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke” (Published April 2011) ISBN-13: 978-1848765962
Awarded the 'Willie Parker Piece Prize for Best Historical Book on North Carolina' in 2011.
(Publishing updated version in 2016, McFarland Publishing, NC)

Paper: “Conchological Study of Hatteras Island Native Indian Shell Middens: A challenge to the hypothesis by D. Beers-Quinn that Hatteras island could not sustain a year round human population.”
(Submitted to Professor Mark Horton, University of Bristol)

Paper: “Research Proposal for new sites in the search for archaeological remains of Fort Raleigh and ‘lost’ colony settlements”
(Submitted to Charles R. Ewen, Director - Phelps Archaeology Laboratory, East Carolina University 2015)

General Information
Mayor of Bideford, Devon, England 2009/10
Deputy Mayor of Bideford, Devon, England 2008/09
Chairman of Bideford 500 Heritage Project, Bideford, Devon, England (2011-2014)
Chairman and Trustee of the Grenville Manorhouse Buildings Preservation Trust (2014-2016)
Recognized English historian (Sir Richard Grenville 1542 - 1591; Lost Colony of Roanoke 1584-1590 et seq.)
Accomplished Public Speaker
Several minor appearances on UK local, and national TV and Radio (including live broadcasting)
Invitation (guest) writer for Regional and Local Magazines
Elizabethan (16th century) Re-enactor
Widower, (married to Jennifer Gabriel, known for her work at Brunswick Town, NC)
NC Driving Licence (Clean) Experienced "stick shift" driver.

Relevant Professional References available on request


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