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Gotland Field School


Just below Fröjel church in the western part of Gotland and close to the ancient coastline, one of the largest and most important trading places on Gotland during the Viking era is to be found. It was well-sheltered from hard winds by the island just beyond and the site was seething of activity over a period of 400 years. Merchants from different countries around the Baltic Sea came here and met local craftsmen and tradesmen.


A cluster of buildings surrounded the harbour with its jetties, and in the small houses the craftsmen produced their wares. Gotlandish men and women could pick and choose among a large number of products. There were imported goods such as wine and salt from southern Europe, precious metals from Arabia and amber from Poland and the Baltic states. In the craftsmen's shops one could buy typical gotlandic jewellery and those who were wealthy enough could order a gold-plated brooch.The traces and remains from this trading place are both rich and varied. The archaeological excavations at the site are amongst the most extensive that have been carried out on a Viking harbour and trading place on Gotland. But there are still unanswered questions...

The field course for 2016 will be concentrated to the centre of the vendel and viking age harbour and trading site at Fröjel, Gotland. The course is involving excavation of a rich cultural layer. This area is also in the vicinity of the work shop area at the site. The course runs between the July 11th and August 19th 2016. For more information please visit our website


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