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Archaeological Field Methods 2016

Flinders Arch

19 Sept to 1 Oct - Flinders University

Archaeological Field Methods Field School (ARCH8801) will be held in association with the River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation and Calperum Station, located in the Riverland region, near Renmark, South Australia.

The first two days of the fieldschool will consist of lectures and practical exercises at Flinders University, however this will be followed by a further five days of intensive field work on site, where students will be able to apply their field skills to a range of real-world archaeological scenarios. 

This field school is part of a larger project to document the archaeological record of Calperum station. No detailed archaeological studies have been conducted in the area before and only a handful of sites have been noted (but not recorded or analysed). This area provides excellent potential to develop a more nuanced picture of relationships between people and the environment through a detailed, systematic investigation of the local archaeological record.

Accommodation will be available at Calperum Station for all participants.

If you need further information please contact the Topic Co-ordinator, Dr Mick Morrison


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