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For $100 anyone can be an archaeologist in FL


Proposed bill in Florida that anyone who pays for a $100 permit can excavate with a trowel in state waterways and keep what they find. Doubt this will pass, but if it did, it would set a very bad precedent for other states and the field of archaeology in general.

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For respect reasons I feel I have not any right to comment laws (or law making) of a Country that is not my country (since I’m a citizen of the EU).

Anyway, if I may speak “in theory” and referring my opinion to any place all over the world, I think that (immediatly after my first option of an ideal world where anything archeological is in museums and not on auction over the web) the idea to consider the legal possibility (in my country not permitted) that who is registered and  finds archeological isolated artifacts on a public soil could keep them at the simple condition to immediately declare them to the local authority and let them to be studied, could maybe sound as a not absolutely or not always bad idea IF strictly  accompained by the desirable legal limitation “whitout doing any excavation at all”.

On the opposite, I undestand that human remains (like human bones) from any age or particular anthropological objects strongly related to existing communities or religions are a different and even more serious matter from an ethical point of view.

What about?



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