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Field School Excavating a Historic Rice Plantation in North Carolina


The UNCW Anthropology department will be sponsoring a 6-credit summer field school from May 16-June 16 2016 in the Wilmington NC area.  We will perform survey, location, excavation, and evaluation on a historic rice plantation constructed along the banks of the Brunswick River in Belville, NC, near Wilmington. The plantation was occupied from at least 1776, through 1903. It probably corresponds to Buchoi Plantation, originally occupied by Justice Alfred Moore, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice who fought in the Revolutionary War. The presence of surviving subsurface foundations are strongly indicated through previous archaeological surveys, documentary research, and a ground-penetrating radar survey. Our goal is to locate and evaluate as many of the plantation buildings as we can during the field season.

This will be the first rice plantation to be excavated in the coastal Cape Fear region. We will be excavating in a public park, so public education will be an important part of our field school.

Costs of the field school are UNCW Summer tuition (found at plus a $75 equipment fee.  Students should arrange their own housing near the site, and arrange transportation to the site in the morning.  We will be happy to help arrange housing for out-of-town students!

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