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Outreach: GS-09 Archaeologist, Allegheny NF, Marienville, PA

Jennifer Palmer

Allegheny National Forest
Outreach Notice
GS-0193-9 Archaeologist
Duty Station: Marienville, PA
Outreach Closes: February 19, 2016
The Allegheny National Forest is outreaching for two Archaeologists for the Marienville Ranger District. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of the potential employment opportunity and to determine interest.
If interested, please complete the Outreach Response Form and return it via fax or email to Kevin Treese ( no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Time on or before February 19, 2016, and we will notify you when the vacancy becomes available.
For questions relating to this announcement or the duties of this position, please contact Kevin Treese, Planning Team Leader, at or 814-927-5759.
Description of Duties Associated with this Position:
Provides advice on identification and management of Heritage and Cultural Resources Program, including development of immediate objectives, integration with resource activities, and establishment or priorities. Assists in ensuring integration with heritage and cultural resource activities and establishment of priorities. The Heritage and Cultural Resource Program covers one or more resource area, such as the protection of historic and pre-historic properties and artifacts. Designs inventory strategies as part of the land use planning process based on Forest-wide priorities and needs.  Organizes, supervises, or directly performs inventory of areas. Work includes preparation of maps, inventories, reports, and records related to the discovery, protection, inventory, salvage, and interpretation of heritage and cultural resource areas. Reviews reports as part of project planning to evaluate the quality of the inventory, the completeness of the report, and the significance of heritage or cultural sites found. Prepares determinations of effect for such projects identified during project inventories. Recommends mitigation procedures. Determines eligibility of historical properties for the National Register of Historic Places. Provides heritage and cultural resource management orientation to Forest Service personnel on statutes, regulations and purpose of work to be performed. Interprets heritage and cultural resources to the public and professional contacts through presentations at visitor facilities, professional journals, etc. Develops contract specifications for heritage and cultural resource work and as delegated, acts as COR or inspector on such contracts. Assists in developing and carrying out projects related to stewardship enhancement and public interpretation of heritage and cultural resources, such as partnership agreements and site steward programs. Interprets heritage and cultural resources to public and professional contacts through presentations at professional conferences, visitor facilities, professional journals, etc. Ensures program data for documentation submission including contracts, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility criteria, legal documents to fulfill programmatic requirements, and internal reports.
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS for this position can be found in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions, which is available from any Federal Government Personnel Office and OPM on their web site (
The Allegheny National Forest is headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania and has two Ranger Districts. The Marienville Ranger District is located in Marienville, PA and the Bradford Ranger District is located in Marshburg, PA.  The 513,000-acre Forest is the only national forest in Pennsylvania and lies within a day’s drive of 1/3 of the Nation’s population.  It includes two Wilderness areas, two National Scenic Areas, two National Wild and Scenic Rivers, and the Tionesta Research Natural Area (the largest contiguous tract of old growth forest in Pennsylvania).  A variety of recreation activities include boating, camping, hunting, fishing, ATV riding and snowmobiling that result in about 4 million recreation visitor days annually.  The 12,000-acre Allegheny Reservoir provides boating, camping, and fishing opportunities.   Roughly, 1/3 of the world’s supply of black cherry furniture veneer is grown on the Allegheny National Forest, resulting in a profitable timber program.  Abundant fish and wildlife provide a variety of hunting, fishing, and viewing opportunities.  The changing colors of the hardwood leaves each fall provide spectacular views.
Marienville is a small rural community with about 600 residents located in NW Pennsylvania in the southern part of the Allegheny National Forest.  The Marienville Ranger Station, constructed in 2005, is an attractive and spacious office located north of the community.  While there are limited services within the community; it does have a K-12 school, community center and swimming pool, library and a number of churches.  In addition, the community has two small grocery stores, hardware store, pharmacy, satellite clinic, motels, restaurants and a gas station/convenience store.  
The Surrounding communities of Bradford (54 miles), Clarion (33miles), Kane (24 miles), Ridgway (32 miles), Tionesta (33 miles), and Warren (32 miles), are all within a 30-50 minute drive.  The area’s climate provides a classic display of the four distinct seasons.  Summers are warm and moderately humid with average temperatures of 75-80 degrees.  Fall provides panoramic views as the foliage turns spectacular colors of yellow, reds and purples.  Springtime brings alive the many blooming wild flowers and other natural vegetation.  The winters are moderate with average temperatures of 20-25 degrees.  Annual precipitation is about 40 inches.
Bradford, Kane Warren and Clarion each have a general hospital, with several medical clinics, ambulance service, physicians of all specialty areas, dentists and nursing homes throughout the region.  There are motels, radio stations, city and county offices and local retail businesses.  Recreation facilities include baseball and soccer fields, all-weather track, tennis courts, health and fitness clubs, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, four 18-hole golf courses in Warren County alone and several parks.  In the immediate vicinity are trout fishing, hunting, hiking, ATV trails, bicycling, camping, and wildlife viewing.  The main industries are manufacturing, social services and retail.  The nearest commercial airports to Marienville are in Bradford, PA (52 minutes), Jamestown, NY (82 minutes), Erie, PA (2 hours) and Pittsburgh, PA (2.5 hours).  


The area’s educational opportunities consist of various elementary and high schools (K-12), and several satellite campus curriculums offered through the cooperative efforts of the Warren-Forest County Higher Education Council and Jamestown Community College.  Within 30-90 minutes drive, you will find other major universities, such as Gannon in Erie, PA; and Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA, Clarion University in Clarion, PA; Penn State University-Dubois Campus in Dubois, Pa; University of Pittsburgh-Bradford Campus in Bradford, PA; Penn State University-Main Campus in State College, PA; and St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY.   
Housing costs are among the lowest in the nation. There are rentals available ranging between $300-$600/month.  Rental homes and apartments range from $300-$600 per month for an average three bedroom home/apartment.  The price of single family homes range from $40,000 and up, depending on where you live in the county.  The average price is $61,000.  Warren and Forest County residents are subject to real estate taxes computed by multiplying the property assessment by the millage rate. The total millage rate includes taxes for the county, the school district, and the local municipality. Property is assessed at half the market value.  
For more information about the Forest and local communities, please visit the following websites.
Allegheny National Forest. 
For travel in Pennsylvania.
For the Bradford Ranger District:
Warren County 
McKean County  -
For the Marienville Ranger District:
Elk & Forest County  -
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Allegheny National Forest
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Duty Station: Marienville, PA
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