Topic ID #36743 - posted 2/16/2016 3:38 AM

Current digs listings


Hi there,

I am making a survey about archaeological digs and I am looking for statistics. Does anyone know if and where I can find a listing of all the current archaeological digs? Or at least another survey indicating the number of current digs worldwide?

Many thanks!!

Post ID#20756 - replied 2/23/2016 4:01 AM


I sadly suspect you are looking for something still impossible nowadays (but a very good idea for the future).

Too many different authorities and too many pivate subjects (who probably are not so glad that informations become part of the public domain before they finish their work) are involved.

As i know, and if I'm not wrong, nobody currently worries about a worldwide and real-time list, not even in  the UNESCO.

Just a bit easier to find out fresh informations in those countries were the matter is strongly organized and strongly centralized by the central government, for example in France (see:  )



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