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What happened to the list of companies?


I am contemplating a move to another state, and am trying to find a list of firms in the local area. But this website's list of firms seems to have vanished. I would like to find somehow a list of companies I could start applying to, but I can't. I looked in the phone book, and there were only three listed. I know there's more; I have seen ads for them through the years. I tried the state SHPO for a list of permitted firms, but none of them say where in the state they work most of the time. Any ideas, besides googling everyone in the continental US? 

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It seems allright at the moment:

It probably was under maintenance, since there are new additions now.

I wrote to the Webmaster few weeks ago promoting my own in Italy (
in case of an interest about european firms as well (since the two recommended world-lists existing over the web seem definitively no any more updated): I don't know if my mail has seen, but I understand that the most of the people in this Forum are decisively inside the USA and Canada.


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Hmmm. It wasn't there the first time I looked. FYI, that list is in serious need of updating...many of the links are broken, and I know for a fact that at least one of the companies on there no longer does CRM stuff. I know because they laid me off seven years ago when they shut down the CRM department. But I did find some useful info, so thanks to all!

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How would an American Archaeologist go about contacting Italian CRM firms? I'm attempting to train as a Roman archaeologist, so entering the workforce in Italy would be a major boon. Are there strict immigration and eligibility requirements in the EU? 

C.J. Sweetwood

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I have not any idea about work permit in Italy and continental EU (the european countries belonging to the socalled “Schengen Agreement”) for people from the USA. Just a possibility the rules could be different between USA and UK, since the UK has a special status, I’m not really sure about this.
I can grab some information for you, if you need.
To find out the names of archeological companies in Italy is not so difficult: you can simply search over the web for “ditta archeologica” or “impresa archeologica” or you can also use this nice stuff   (a national database of all the Chambres of Commerce all over the country) simply writing “archeologia” into the first line, and no any thing into the second one (or the name of the region into the second one if you already have a preference).
The real problem is that in this way you have no any possibility to see the difference between a good ad trustworthy  large company and a serious but too little one (like my own) or a not respectable one at all.
On an other side consider that Italy is just now exiting from a long and severe financial crisis (more slowly than other countries), for this reason  it’s not so easy to find a decent job for someone arriving from abroad at the moment.

For a paid work experience in roman archaeology I suggest to try in the south of the UK instead, looking for good companies through the Bajr list and map and probably preferring “contractors” or “large contracting units”. It's a very good list, unfortunately they don't register companies from the rest of Europe anymore.

Anyway feel free to ask.



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