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Difference between grad and undergrad field schools?


I just applied to various master's programs in the USA for archaeology and as per the requirement I need to have completed a field school. Some field schools have graduate and undergraduate course work. 

I have a degree in anthropology (archy focus), but no real experience with anything involving dirt outside of a lab. Some field schools don't list whether it is grad or undergrad. 

Does it really matter or should I be seeking graduate level field schools? 



Edit: Not sure if this helps or not, but I do not want to be a research archaeologist. My dream job would be to work for the NFS. 

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Since you don't have any field experience at all try and get on a field school this summer. If you're worried about undergrad vs grad you are still definitely in the undergrad boat because you have no experience. Grad orientated field school courses are geared toward those who are experienced in the field. 

Seek out a field school in a region you are interested in. You can find a good list of field schools at

Since you have public sector work in mind, it would also be helpful if you volunteered for an agency.
The US Forest Service has a great one called Passport In Time.

The National Park service also has a volunteer program that might have archaeology opportunities although more often than not they are just looking for people to clean toilets.

Good luck!

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Thanks for clearing things up for me as well as offering good advice!



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