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Miloli‘i Beach Archaeological Field School - Kaua‘i Island, Hawai‘i - July 5-August 6, 2016


William & Mary Archaeological Field School

July 5-August 6, 2016

Miloli‘i State Park, Hawaiian Islands

We are seeking participants for the 2016 Miloli'i Beach Archaeological Field School, on Kaua‘i Island, Hawai‘i, which will be held between July 5 and August 6, 2016. This field school provides an intensive, hands-on opportunity for students interested in learning archaeology field and lab techniques. Eligible students can earn 6 academic credits through the College of William & Mary. 

Two ten-day field sessions are scheduled, with two five-day off-site breaks in which students will conduct archaeological lab work, assist in historic sites management, and visit archaeological sites.

The field school is part of an ongoing field project directed by Dr. Jennifer Kahn of William and Mary’s Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with Hawai‘i State Parks. The project is focused on investigating settlement and subsistence strategies at one of Hawai‘i’s most remote locations, the Nā Pali Coast on Kaua‘i Island. This year’s fieldwork will focus on excavating pre-contact and post-contact house sites, test excavation at agricultural terraces, survey, site mapping, and GIS documentation.

Fees and How to Apply

Students will pay tuition costs of $2,100 (in-state, Virginia) or $6,480 (out-of-state). Students are required to purchase travel health insurance with emergency evacuation coverage and to cover transportation costs to and from Kaua‘i Island and some food costs. The field site is remote, with limited facilities, and participants will camp for the duration of each 10-day field session. Prospective students will be required to pass a swim test.

To apply, download an application form at:

Please email the completed form to Dr. Jennifer Kahn at by April 15, 2016. Early applications are encouraged.


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