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MA with technical/software background in CO eager for work in lab, field or academic setting.

John Wagner

John Paul Wagner
3998 S Washington St.
Englewood, CO 80113
Phone: 303-242-9356

I am an archaeology MA with experience in lithics, geospatial data processing and fieldwork, along with some formal osteology training and experience. I also have extensive software development  experience that should prove quite beneficial as field data processing and laboratory methods increasingly embrace innovations in information technology. I have a passion for both middle range and theoretical interpretation, and my overall professional experience adds consistent and reliable job focus along with interpersonal and leadership skills.

Skills and Qualifications:



  • Fieldwork (excavation)
  • Lithic analysis
  • Osteology
  • Ethnoarchaeology (formal training)

Technical Skills

  • Office tools: MS Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel
  • Statistical analysis: IBM SPSS, MS Excel
  • Geographic information systems: ESRI ArcGIS 10
    o   includes functional enhancements via program interface to Python
  • Programming languages: Java, C/C++, PHP, perl, Python, PL/SQL
  • Databases:  MySQL, ObjectStore, Oracle
  • Development Environments:  Eclipse, JBuilder, Visual Studio
  • User Interface Development:  Eclipse/SWT, PHP


Tequila Valley Regional Archaeology Project, Jalisco, Mexico, June - July 2011, and June 2012.

Analysis of Early Classic period lithic artifact data from the Teuchitlán culture sites of Llano Grande and Navajas, Jalisco, Mexico including on-location examination of artifacts. Also drafted a preliminary lithic analysis plan for the Los Guachimontones site. 

Blue Creek Project (field school), Orange Walk District, Belize. July 2009

Late Classic Mayan archaeological field research.  Work involved elite household architecture excavation, some identification and recovery of lithic and ceramic artifacts, and of skeletal remains.

Additionally, I have 20 years of software development and data analysis experience for multiple fields, including archaeological artifact and context analysis,  aeronautical information, telecommunications and manufacturing automation. Technical resume available upon request.


 Cambiando de lugar y de estilos de vida: Diferentes economías de obsidiana entre el núcleo de Teuchitlán y las zonas de transición. Prepared for Sobre Dinámicas Culturales Y Actividades De Producción En El Occidente De México, at the Colegio de Michoacan, Zamora, Mexico, September 19, 2014.

Teuchitlán: Changing Lithic Technology Strategies through a West Mexico Diaspora. Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Colorado Archaeology Society in Boulder, Colorado, October 2012..

- Also presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI, April 2013.



Circles of Glass and Grain: Economic Differences between Core and Semi-Peripheral Zones, a Study of Public Center Lithics from the Tequila Valleys of West Mexico. Master’s thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado Denver. Electronic publication, ProQuest PQDT Open, 

2016 (in press)

Changing Places, Changing Lifestyles: Differing Obsidian Economies in Teuchitlán Culture. In Cultural Dynamics and Production Activities in Ancient Western Mexico. Eduardo Williams and Blanca Maldonado, editors. Archaeopress, Oxford. 


MA, Anthropology, archaeology emphasis; University of Colorado Denver, 2015. GPA: 3.96

BAS, Automated Systems Engineering Technology, Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 1989

AA, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI, 1987

AAS, Digital Electronics Technology, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI, 1987

Awards, Honors and Memberships:

Member, Society for American Archaeology, 2013 - present.

Golden Key International Honor Society member, March 2011 - May 2014.

Tau Alpha Pi Engineering Technology Honor Society member, 1988 


Dr. Christopher S. Beekman
Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado Denver

Dr. Beekman was my thesis advisor. 

Dr. Tammy Stone
Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado Denver

Dr. Stone was also on my thesis committee, as well as my statistics professor.

Gregory DeHetre

Sr. Software Engineer / Manager (retired)
Jeppesen Sanderson
Cell: (720) 363-9949

Greg was my software development manager at Jeppesen, and also previously at Qwest Communications.


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