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Fieldschool: Roman Villa of Villaricos - Mula (10th to 24th July 2016) (Spain) - 250 €


The School of Archaeology CEPOAT is configured through the training of students in different excavations in which the Centre participated either directly, in cooperation or support of other archaeological projects and serve well as a research work for training of our students in different branches and specializations of archeology, as stratigraphy, Ceramology, archaeozoology archaeobotany, geoarchaeology, anthracology, palynology, GIS, photogrammetry, arqueoestadística, information technology, anthropology, virtualization and 3D reconstruction, etc .. all integrated with history as our ultimate goal will be to history through these disciplines.
For this we have at the Center with professionals who can form during the course to students in different branches so that during the months in which we conduct archaeological campaigns, these become actual campaigns in continuous learning through collaborative work and learning horizontally from person to person.

General Information
Mode of activity: Field school, archaeological excavation
ECTS: 5 credits (equivalent to 125 hours)
Number of students: 20
Public prices: 250€ (transport to the site, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Information and registration:

Where to submit application and registration online: 
Contact email:
Information Phone: +34 868883890
Website: Cepoat School of Archaeology


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