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What do YOU think it is?



An archaeologist is looking at a rock with great interest, a sphere unearthed in a forest, believed to be part of ancient civilization. Or is it just a very big rock?

A stone ball in Podubravlje village near Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina was seen earlier this month, in the ground, in a forest.

What can it tell us? Archaeologist Sam Osmanagich, who called his Bosnian stone ball the most massive in Europe, has some interesting answers.

"I've been researching prehistoric stone ball phenomenon for 15 years," he blogged last month.
"By the mid of March 2016, it became obvious that the most massive stone ball in Europe has been discovered. Name of the location is village Podubravlje."

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Bosnia’s “Indiana Jones” of archaeology claims to have found a massive, mysterious sphere embedded in the ground in a forest in Bosnia.


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